Life After Jerry Reese

Life After Jerry Reese

It’s been over 3 months since the New York Giants laid the hammer on their front office and we are already seeing some signs of smart moves. The Giants are actually having a solid offseason, well in my opinion, and of course you already know I am a Giants fan – but hear me out first before you throw me under the bus..

The first move I’d like to mention happened just this morning, and that is getting rid of JPP. This deal frees up $12.5 million this season which could help in resigning one of the best wide receivers in the league, Odell Beckham JR. In return Big Blue receives a 2018 3rd round pick and a 4th round pick that can help in landing more young talent to fill holes.

Signing Nate Solder is probably one of the best signings the Giants have made in years. Solder comes in to replace the waste of a draft pick in Flowers and instantly boost that terrible O-line that combine for a total 25 sacks allowed. Solder also comes in off a Super Bowl run with Patriots which resulted in a loss but the experience still counts.

The Giants still have the #2 pick in this years draft and landing Barkley could be a game changer. I know what you’re thinking. We should draft Eli’s replacement or we should draft Chubb to fill the whole at defensive end but what if, and I know it’s a stretch but what if the new Giants o-line can actually manage and Barkley pulls off a Ezekiel Elliot rookie season campaign? It is a big risk, but I believe it can happen. Barkley is once in a while talent and the Giants run game has been abysmal since Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw left town. It is also worth to mention that even if we did have a good o-line, the likes of Paul Perkins and Darkwa were not gonna get the job done, let’s be realistic here. Adding Barkley here takes this team to the next level, he is THE guy to get.

It is still early to tell, but Dave Gettleman  looks like he actually knows what he’s doing and he means business. There are still many issues to address, but things are looking up. The draft can make or break this teams success in 2018 and time will only tell. A lot of pressure is on the team one year removed from that embarrassing wild card loss to the Packers. Do you think this team makes the playoffs and contends, or will the G-men be looking at another rough season?

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