Let’s Be Real About Julio Jones

Let’s Be Real About Julio Jones

We can stop the panic now. Atlanta Falcons superstar WR Julio Jones will not be leaving the team. It has become a common practice for players to unfollow their teams on social media.

Julio Jones has joined that list of players. This doesn’t mean that the Falcons are trading him. This doesn’t mean the Falcons are cutting him. There is no way the Falcons would let arguably the best receiver in the game today leave.

Jones went dark on social media. His account is private and he unfollowed all his teammates. Usually when this happens, the players wants a more personal and private home life. None of this is uncommon.

There is no return worthy of such a trade. There is the option that Jones would retire, but that also be highly unlikely at this time. Let’s stop spreading fake news for no reason.

Picture Source: SBNation.com

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