League Leaders and Award Winner Predictions

League Leaders and Award Winner Predictions

Now that we are “officially” at the halfway point of the 2018 MLB season, let’s talk about our current league leaders and our too early predictions for the top awards. With the All-Star break all but over and the trade deadline rapidly approaching, now is as good a time as ever.

Let’s start with the (6th year in a row) All-Star winners, the American League and their current league leaders. An asterisk denotes MLB leader:

Batting Leaders, AL

Batting Average Leaders

Mookie Betts, .359 (Boston Red Sox)*

Jose Altuve, .332 (Houston Astros)

J.D. Martinez, .328 (Boston Red Sox)

Jean Segura, .323 (Seattle Mariners)

Matt Duffy, .317 (Tampa Bay Rays)

HR Leaders

J.D. Martinez, 29 (Boston Red Sox)*

Jose Ramirez, 29 (Cleveland Indians)*

Aaron Judge, 25 (New York Yankees)

Francisco Lindor, 25 (Cleveland Indians)

Mike Trout, 25 (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

RBI Leaders

J.D. Martinez, 80 (Boston Red Sox)*

Jose Ramirez, 70 (Cleveland Indians)

Mitch Haniger, 67 (Seattle Mariners)

Edwin Encarnacion, 65 (Cleveland Indians)

Xander Bogaerts, 64 (Baltimore Orioles)

JD Martinez - Boston Globe

Pitching Leaders, AL

ERA Leaders

Chris Sale, 2.23 (Boston Red Sox)

Trevor Bauer, 2.24 (Cleveland Indians)

Ian Snell, 2.27 (Tampa Bay Rays)

Justin Verlander, 2.29 (Houston Astros)

Luis Severino, 2.31 (New York Yankees)

Wins Leaders

Luis Severino, 14 (New York Yankees)*

Corey Kluber, 12 (Cleveland Indians)

Ian Snell, 12 (Tampa Bay Rays)

Carlos Carrasco, 11 (Cleveland Indians)

3 Others Tied, 11

Strikeouts Leaders

Chris Sale, 188 (Boston Red Sox)*

Gerrit Cole, 177 (Houston Astros)

Trevor Bauer, 175 (Cleveland Indians)

Justin Verlander, 172 (Houston Astros)

James Paxton, 155 (Seattle Mariners)


Batting Leaders, NL

Avg. Leaders

Scooter Gennett, .326 (Cincinnati Reds)

Nick Markakis, .323 (Atlanta Braves)

Albert Almora Jr., .319 (Chicago Cubs)

Freddie Freeman, .315 (Atlanta Braves)

Eugenio Suarez, .312 (Cincinnati Reds)

HR Leaders

Jesus Aguilar, 24 (Milwaukee Brewers)

Nolan Arenado, 23 (Colorado Rockies)

Bryce Harper, 23 (Washington Nationals)

Max Muncy, 22 (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Paul Goldschmidt, 21 (Arizona Diamond Backs)

RBI Leaders

Javier Baez, 72 (Chicago Cubs)

Eugenio Suarez, 71 (Cincinnati Reds)

Jesus Agular, 70 (Milwaukee Brewers)

Nolan Arenado, 68 (Colorado Rockies)

Trevor Story, 68 (Colorado Rockies)

Nolan Arenado - Getty Images

Pitching Leaders

ERA Leaders

Jacob deGrom, 1.68 (New York Mets)*

Aaron Nola, 2.30 (Philadelphia Phillies)

Max Scherzer, 2.41 (Washington Nationals)

Jon Lester, 2.58 (Chicago Cubs)

Mike Foltynewicz, 2.66 (Atlanta Braves)

Wins Leaders

Jon Lester, 12 (Chicago Cubs)

Aaron Nola, 12 (Philadelphia Phillies)

Max Scherzer, 12 (Washington Nationals)

Zack Godley, 11 (Arizona Diamond Backs)

2 Tied, 10

Strikeouts Leaders

Max Scherzer, 182 (Washington Nationals)

Patrick Corbin, 149 (Arizona Diamond Backs)

Jacob deGrom, 149 (New York Mets)

Aaron Nola, 131 (Philadelphia Phillies)

Jon Gray, 125 (Colorado Rockies)

Jacob deGrom - Jeff Roberson

Not breaking news with the leaders, though there are couple surprise names on the list like Mitch Haniger from the Mariners, who really seems to be stepping it up the last year and a half. Regardless, the names on these lists are fairly typical, considering the elite status of most. Anyhow, here are the Gomez Guess’ for the AL/NL Cy Young and MVP awards, as well as the dark horses for each:

AL MVP, J.D. Martinez. Dark Horse, Jose Ramierz.

AL CY Young, Chris Sale Dark Horse, Justin Verlander

NL MVP, Nolan Arenado Dark Horse, Eugenio Suarez

NL Cy Young, Max Scherzer Dark Horse, Jacob deGrom

Do you agree or disagree with the too early award winners? Let us know in the comments below!


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Photo Credit: Boston Globe

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