Lance Lynn On The Move?

Lance Lynn On The Move?

According to Jon Morosi, it is becoming “increasingly likely” that Lynn will be moved prior to tomorrow’s 3 p.m. trade deadline.

With many teams in the hunt for playoff contention, a lot of people are going to be on the phone trying to acquire pitching help. Lynn, 33, has a 1.93 ERA and 56 strikeouts this season, he’s arguably the most attractive starting pitcher available heading into the deadline.

Potential suiters, according to Evan Grant, would be the Blue Jays, Padres, White Sox, Mets, Twins and Dodgers. This season’s expanded playoff system means more teams are going to be needing help to secure a playoff spot and more teams are going to want Lynn.

Also, the fact that playoff teams are guaranteed a best of three playoff round makes it more appealing for organizations to go for it than a wildcard scenario.

It’s safe to say tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day to follow. We will be covering and releasing information regarding potential trades as the day moves forward.

Picture source : USA Today

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