Lakers Hire Frank Vogel as Head Coach

Lakers Hire Frank Vogel as Head Coach

The day after the Lakers fan’s protest outside Staples Center it was announced that Frank Vogel had accepted the position as the new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Fans have been through a whirlwind of news in the past week concerning the hiring of a new coach. Tyronn Lue was initially in contract talks but withdrew from discussions abruptly. The Lakers offered Lue a three year, 18-million dollar contract when he was expecting a five year, 25 million dollar one. Another part of the deal was that Lue had to have Jason Kidd as his Assistant coach. Whether it was the money or Kidd, Lue was no longer interested.

On Thursday, Vogel interviewed with Rob Pelinka, the Lakers general manager. Vogel must have made a good impression because his hiring was announced two days later, after the fans made it clear they were not happy with the Lakers management. It was also announced that Kidd would be the assistant coach to Vogel, so this must not have been an issue for him.

Vogel did not coach last year, but previously was the Orlando Magic’s head coach for two seasons. Before that, Vogel spent more than five seasons with the Indiana Pacers, who made two Eastern Conference Finals trips in his time there. The Pacers never were able to make it past LeBron’s Miami Heat, but now Vogel will have LeBron on his side.

They are sure to have the same goal of a playoff appearance this coming season, as the Lakers have been shut out from the playoffs the past six seasons.

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