Kyle Pitts Scouting Report

Kyle Pitts Scouting Report


  • Position: TE
  • School: Florida
  • Class: Junior
  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 240 lbs

Pitts was a 4-star recruit coming out of Archbishop Wood High School in Warminster, PA where he played tight end and defensive end. During his time at Florida, Pitts recorded 100 receptions for 1,492 yards and 18 touchdowns. His best year came in 2020 where he recorded 43 receptions for 770 yards and 12 touchdowns.


Size: 5

Pitts has exceptional size at 6’6″, 240 pounds. He has a long frame (legs and arms), and a huge catch radius.

Speed: 4

I see Pitts running in the 4.6 range in the 40 yard dash. That doesn’t sound impressive at first, until you remember how big of a man he is. He has great speed for his size.

Agility: 5

Pitts has the elusiveness of a shifty slot receiver. He is able to change direction on a dime and weave around defenders.

Hands/Catching: 5

Pitts has strong, sure hands and brings the ball in securely. With his combination of his wide catch radius and body control, he is able to wrangle in poorly thrown balls with ease.

Catch in Traffic: 4

With his size, Pitts doesn’t struggle with contested catches. He needs to work on his shielding and positioning to remain successful at the next level.

Versatility: 5

My favorite part of the big man’s game. He is able to line up anywhere in the formation and be an impact player. On the line as a traditional TE, on the outside as an X receiver, or in the slot. The slot is where he is most dangerous because who are you going to put on that specimen? A nickel corner? Good luck.

Route Running/Release4

Pitts is a great route runner. He sinks and breaks into his routes very smoothly. However, there is room for growth. He wasn’t asked to run many complex routes at Florida, mainly because he could win solely off of his athleticism. He needs to work on his timing at the stem of the routes. He uses his hands and agility to release with ease.

Football IQ/Blocking: 3

Pitts obviously has high football IQ, you have to have it to line up all over the formation. He gets a 3 here because he’s an average blocker. He’s by no means a liability, but could struggle early on against premier pass rushers. If you look at him as a pure receiver, this isn’t a problem, but we’re grading him as a TE.

Health: 4

Pitts suffered a concussion against Georgia this year, but came back fine the next game. It won’t knock him down boards, but something to note.

Score: 39/45



Pitts is a physical specimen. His combination of size, speed, strength and length is incredible. If you look at him as a pure receiver, he’s my WR2 in this class behind Ja’Marr Chase. He has some room to improve as a blocker and needs to do some slight polishing on his route running. But he’ll be 20 years old on draft day, he has a lot of room to grow. An ultimate weapon, only a few teams couldn’t use Pitts.


Darren Waller


1st round, top 15 pick

Featured image courtesy of Bryce Dial/GCSN

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