Kyle Busch a Champion Again: In WWE?

Kyle Busch a Champion Again: In WWE?

Yes, you read that correctly.

And yes, Kyle Busch is a champion in the WWE.

Kyle Busch, with help from fellow NASCAR veteran Michael Waltrip as the referee, pinned WWE 24-7 Champion R-Truth to capture the title on Monday evenings episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Busch and Waltrip were shown on camera earlier in the episode. After a match, R-Truth ran to ringside from fellow competitors after his championship, with Busch and Waltrip helping him hide. Once the wrestlers had left, Truth embraced Waltrip and Busch at ringside. However, Waltrip revealed a referees outfit, and Busch rolled up Truth for the three count, which was counted by Waltrip! Take a look at Busch winning the title below.

Kyle Busch has won a few titles this season!

Sadly, Busch did not leave Nashville as the WWE 24-7 Champion, as later in the evening, R-Truth regained the title in surprising fashion. Check out the link below to see it all go down!

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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