Kevin Love Could Be Looking At A Suspension For Game 2

Kevin Love Could Be Looking At A Suspension For Game 2

There has been no consistency when it comes to this rule in the NBA.  We have seen big time players punished for this, and we’ve seen the the NBA look the other way in some cases.

I’m talking about when a player on the bench steps onto the court during an altercation between players that are in the game.

The most recent situation relating to this was in the first round of the Oklahoma City and Utah Jazz series.   During an altercation involving Rudy Gobert,  Russell Westbrook invited himself onto the court from the sidelines to join in.  After league review the NBA decided to award no punishment for last years MVP.

If you go back and look Kevin Love clearly makes his way onto the court as the fiasco between Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green is going down.  You can see assistant coaches and teammates reaching to pull Love back in fear of someone seeing.

I’m curious to see if the NBA continues to teeter totter on their rulings with these types of situations and hands Love a suspension.  In a series that was already thought to be lopsided Adam Silver doesn’t want to add to that by removing the Cavs second best player does he?  Maybe we see them take a step back (pun intended) like they did with Westbrook and let him play on.

Featured Image:  247Sports

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