Kelly Cup Playoff Picture (02/28)

Kelly Cup Playoff Picture (02/28)

The South Carolina Stingrays became the first team to clinch a Kelly Cup Playoff berth on Sunday, while Allen, Florida, and potentially Newfoundland can clinch their berths if their scenarios work out over the weekend. Here is your updated playoff picture.


Allen- 5

Florida – 5

Newfoundland – 10

Tragic –

Worcester – 11

Norfolk -12


If the playoffs started today:


#1 Newfoundland vs #4 Brampton

#2 Reading vs #3 Maine


#1 X-South Carolina vs #4 Orlando

#2 Florida vs #3 Greenville


#1 Cincinnati vs #4 Indy

#2 Toledo vs #3 Fort Wayne


#1 Allen vs #4 Rapid City

#2 Utah vs #3 Idaho

Playoff Races:

The Playoff Race in the North is now pretty much all about the seedings. Newfoundland and Reading are battling for #1, while Brampton and Maine are battling for 3rd. Worcester is virtually eliminated, while Adirondack still technically has a chance, but needs to string some wins together. Newfoundland will clinch with 3 wins and if Adirondack loses both of their games in regulation.

1st-5th Standings (Games Remaining – Points – Possible Point Total)

  • Newfoundland (19-75-113)
  • Reading (19-69-107)
  • Maine (15-65-95)
  • Brampton (16-63-95)
  • Adirondack (15-55-85)


The South is similar to the North with the top 2 battling for the #1 spot, while Norfolk is pretty much eliminated. Florida can clinch their playoff spot with 2 wins, while South Carolina clinched their spot last weekend. Atlanta, Greenville, Jacksonville, and Orlando are battling for the final 2 spots and it’s anyone’s game. See below.

3rd-6th Standings 

  • Greenville (14-57-85)
  • Orlando (17-56-90)
  • Atlanta (16-53-85)
  • Jacksonville (19-48-86)

This race is going to be a good one to watch.

Another good race to watch is the Central, because everyone is still in the playoff race, but Cincinnati and Toledo have the top 2 spots pretty much locked up. Toledo can easily get the #1 spot because they 5 games in hand over Cincy, which gives them an advantage if they win those games. Similar to Toledo, Wheeling has games in hand on Indy (2) and Fort Wayne (4), so they are still in the race for the 3rd seed. Kalamazoo is the lone wolf, but they have not lost Wheeling at home since the February 3rd, 2017 and play Wheeling 4 more times at home this season, so that could get them 8 points on Wheeling. They also have play Fort Wayne one last time and Indy three more times, so theoretically they are still in it.

  • Cincinnati (15-74-104)
  • Toledo (20-69-109)
  • Fort Wayne (16-62-94)
  • Indy (18-57-93)
  • Wheeling  (20-53-93)
  • Kalamazoo (18-48-84)

As you can see any team could theoretically make the playoffs with all head-to-head match-ups left. This will be the best playoff race to watch, but as I said before I’m a little biased.

The Mountain is one of the divisions where the playoff teams looked like they were set a couple a weeks ago, but Rapid City’s performance slipped and Tulsa is gaining ground. Allen looks like they’ll be the first Mountain team to clinch this week as long as they get 2 wins and a Tulsa loss. There are other scenarios, but that’s the easiest.

  • Allen (15-82-112)
  • Utah (14-75-103)
  • Idaho (16-71-103)
  • Rapid City (15-60-90)
  • Tulsa (14-59-87)
  • Kansas City (15-52-82)
  • Wichita (15-50-80)


Featured Photo Credit: Shane Kunz – GCSN Graphic Design

Division Graphics: Matthew Boyce – GCSN Graphic Design

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