Juventus Sign Cristiano Ronaldo…Again

Juventus Sign Cristiano Ronaldo…Again

Today it was announced that Juventus took in Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. to play for the under-9s. It seems like Juventus wants to keep the Ronaldo family really close to itself.

The talent of the 8-year-old mini-talisman has been long widely noticed, as social media has continued to do what it does best. Numerous videos by Cristiano Sr. himself have repeatedly exposed his son’s skill and desire for the sport. Maybe one day, he will join the ranks of Juventus’ or Real Madrid’s first teams to once again repeat for future generations what we have witnessed in the 2010s.

In the ranks of Juve’s youth academy, sons of other Juventus players also compete with the striped jersey. Claudio Marchisio’s and Andrea Barzagli’s sons are among those who will play alongside the 8-year-old Portuguese.

It is always exciting to see when the offspring of professional athletes show promising talent. We hope for a repetition of what the parents did in the pertaining sport, to relive the exciting moments offered to us, the fans.

Players from other sports have often showcased their sons’ or daughters’ talents in different sports, the most prominent being Shareef O’Neal, Shaq’s son, who one day hopes to play and dominate the NBA, like his father did early in the 2000s.


Photo: thesun.co.uk

Source: espn.com

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