Julio Jones To Skip OTA’s

Julio Jones To Skip OTA’s

I know Atlanta fans, before the draft I told you not to worry. Julio Jones isn’t going anywhere. When I said that before it was because there isn’t a chance that the Falcons would trade him. They still won’t.

Now Julio Jones is set to skip OTA’s because he wants an updated deal. He is set to make $10.5 million dollars this year according to spotrac.com. Jones is one of the best in the game and not being paid accordingly.

Jones is going into year three of a five year deal. He also had an opt out during this offseason that he did not take advantage of. He could have hit the open market and gotten paid like the best, but he chose not to. Now it’s time for the Falcons to counter that in good faith.

Picture Source: Lastwordonprofootball.com

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