Jon Moxley Defends US Title

Jon Moxley Defends US Title

In a match that has been half a year in the making, KENTA and Jon Moxley finally met in the ring with the IWGP US title on the line. KENTA won the right to challenge Moxley in August by winning the New Japan Cup America. Since then, KENTA has defended that challenge more times than Moxley has defended his title. KENTA has turned back all challengers for the “Right to Challenge” Briefcase. Moxley has turned back all challengers to his title. And now they find themselves finally facing off. You can read up on KENTA and Moxley’s from Adam Craith here.

In a match that defies company rosters, AEW’s Jon Moxley and NJPW’s KENTA finally got their match for the title. It took place on New Japan Strong, the weekly New Japan show hosted in America. It was a two-part match, as neither wasted time to go straight to blows, it still felt like the early goings were all to wear out the other. KENTA’s Strong Style strikes echoed in the empty hall, leaving little to the imagination. Moxley would rely on his brawling and high impact moves to take the fight to KENTA. But it was Moxley’s toughness that saw him outlast KENTA to retain the IWGP US Championship.

 It was an odd match for New Japan Strong, as the high-profile match felt a bit hollow without a crowd. With talks of the “Forbidden Door” being opened between companies like IMPACT, New Japan, and AEW, it felt small for a title match that was across brands.

The real question is “what happens next?”. Jon Moxley retains the title that took KENTA half a year to challenge for. Will we see another NJPW member raise up to the challenge? Will the others on the AEW Roster get anxious, and want to more challenge Jon Moxley? Could AEW roster members be allowed to challenge for the title?

To win “the right to challenge”, KENTA had to defeat David Finlay in the finals of the American New Japan Cup. Because of his finals apperance, Finlay will probably have an argument to challenge for the title. Juice Robinson has also been a two-time US champion, tied with Moxley. Both Juice and Finlay were in America for IMPACT and may have the ability to stay to be next in line to challenge Moxley. With the “forbidden Door” seemingly open, there could be anyone challenging Moxley next.

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