Johnny Saint Named GM of WWE’s United Kingdom Brand

Johnny Saint Named GM of WWE’s United Kingdom Brand

As reported by WWE, British wrestling legend, Johnny Saint, has been given the position of General Manager of the United Kingdom division. This being announced just a few weeks before WWE’s 2-Day United Kingdom Championship Tournament event.

For those who are not familiar with Saint, he’s almost unanimously considered one of the most technically gifted wrestlers to ever get between the ropes, and was seen as inspiration for wrestlers like Daniel Bryan. Bryan in an interview with WWE made the point to say:

“Johnny Saint is somebody who does fancy reversals, but what made him a wrestlers’ wrestler is when he’d get gritty with his wrestling,” Bryan said. “He entertained people through wrestling. He knew a million different holds. He’d go out there and always have fantastic matches. I wrestled him when he was 60-something years old and was still absolutely phenomenal in the ring.”

Being trained by British legend Billy Robinson, his career spanned over 50 years, wrestling all over the U.K. Throughout his career, he would go on to win: The British Lightweight Championship, the European Lightweight Championship, and winning the World Lightweight Championship a total of 10 times.

According to, in 2017 (only a few years after his formal retirement) Saint spent some time in Florida working at the WWE Performance Center. From there, his relationship with WWE grew stronger, and now looks forward to his role as the GM of the U.K. division.

at the PC

What will this add to the U.K. division? Possibly some much needed life. While the wrestling is second to none, there is almost zero exposure given to the brand. The only exception being Pete Dunne, who appears frequently on NXT programming and is currently the reigning U.K. Champion. Hopefully the UK tournament which takes place later this month, and Saint’s role will bring the brand up.

Photo Source: WWE

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