John Cena Continues to Grant Wishes Amid COVID-19 Crisis

John Cena Continues to Grant Wishes Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Whether you love him or hate him when he’s between the ropes of a WWE ring, John Cena continues to prove why he is one of the greatest professional wrestlers when it comes to his influence outside of the ring.

On Sunday, Cena paid a surprise, early-birthday visit to a WWE superfan at his home in Odessa, Florida. The fan he visited was 7 year old David Castle.

Channel 8 News – Florida

Castle is currently in the fight of his life. He was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, the most common form of kidney cancer in young children, in October of last year. Castle was already in stage 4 at the time of his diagnosis and the tumor has now begun to spread to other parts of his body.

The young fan has reportedly already gone through a series of very painful tests, surgeries, and extended stays at the local hospital. Castle is said to have a long road ahead of him, with radiation and chemotherapy on the way.


With the help of the Pasco County Fire Rescue, Cena learned about the young man and made sure to stop by with various gifts for Castle. The 16x World Champion brought two WWE title belts, some signed T-shirts, a signed program, a signed bobblehead, and of course the standard John Cena hat and armbands!

As reported by a local news outlet, Castle cried tears of joy when he saw one of his favorite wrestlers walk through his front door. While Cena can be seen keeping up with current CDC guidelines, one could still make out that patent John Cena smile through his face mask.

Cena to this date has granted over 650 wishes, making him the biggest granter of wishes by a single person through the Make A Wish Foundation.


During these difficult times, we should all look to one of John Cena’s most famous catchphrases to help us get through: Never Give Up. 

We at the Game Changer Sports Network would like to wish David a very Happy Birthday! And encourage anyone who can to make a donation to the Castle family’s GoFundMe page, set up to assist with David’s medical expenses.

Cover Photo: LA Times

Original story by: Channel 8 News

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