Joey Ryan Debuts New Gimmick, Starts a Team With Rob Van Dam, Katie Forbes

Joey Ryan Debuts New Gimmick, Starts a Team With Rob Van Dam, Katie Forbes

At an Impact Wrestling TV taping at the Sams Town Live Arena in Las Vegas on December 9th, Joey Ryan debuted a new gimmick. Ryan came to the ring with “#CANCELCULTURE” on his titantron, and came out with Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes.

SoCal UNCENSORED (Twitter @socaluncensored)

Ryan was in a red sweater, khaki shorts, and glasses and re-introduced himself as Joseph P. Ryan. Forbes, who we normally see come to the ring shaking her “derriere” as Ryan called it, was wearing a full length robe, covering her body.

Ryan said there was more to RVD than just athleticism, more to Forbes than just a derriere, and more to Ryan himself than his “manhood.” Ryan then vowed that we will “never see the D-flip again.”

SoCal UNCENSORED (Twitter @socaluncensored)

During their match against The Deaners, RVD teased a rolling thunder twice but obviously didn’t give it to the fans. He also seemed a bit shaky while climbing the top rope, but I don’t know if it was him playing up the “more than just athletic” shtick, or something else……*wink wink*.

Also, just like Ryan said we didn’t see his famous d***flip, but he did tease it, telling his opponent to “touch it”, like he normally does before throwing his hand away.

The gimmick itself is very Right to Censor-esque, and seems to be a response to all the hate Ryan has gotten over the years for his gimmick. RVD got into some hot water as well for the “sex celebration” with his two girlfriends, Katie Forbes and Jennifer Barlow, which actually got Impact Wrestling banned from Twitch. The ban has since been lifted, however.

Special thanks to SoCal UNCENSORED for supplying the photos of the segment.

Featured Photo: Joey Ryan on Twitter (@JoeyRyanOnline)

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