Joe Johnson Should be Signed by a Contender

Joe Johnson Should be Signed by a Contender

If you haven’t seen it lately, Joe Johnson has been lighting up the BIG3 League. The watch is on as he tries to set the scoring record for a single season in BIG3 history. Johnson is clearly outclassing the competition and it isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that “Iso Joe” isn’t still in the NBA right now.

There is no good reason that Joe Johnson isn’t a veteran pick up for a contending team going into the season. His stint with the Rockets in 2018 ruined him and it wasn’t fair. After he was traded to the Kings and bought out, he signed with the Rockets as a backup for the rest of the season but didn’t really crack Mike D’Antoni’s rotation basically because he joined a little too late and they already figured out what part of the roster they were using for their run in the playoffs. Now could they have used Johnson during the 2018 playoffs? Yes, but they didn’t and it can be argued that this was part of their downfall. 

Regardless, because of Johnson’s ill-timed signing and paltry stats because of it, he wasn’t signed last season and that was just downright ridiculous. He could’ve easily been a veteran scorer last season for the 76ers, Bucks, Raptors, etc. He wasn’t ready for retirement then and that’s why he still wants to make a return. Now yes, he’s a year out of the league, but he clearly still has his ability and opposed to other stars in the BIG3, he’s still in game shape. Real contenders like the Trail Blazers, Clippers, Nuggets, 76ers, and Bucks should look to sign the smart and “cool under pressure” Joe. He can be to these teams what Andre Igoudala was to the Warriors, albeit in a different capacity. 

If a contender doesn’t snatch him, there’s no reason why a rebuilding team doesn’t consider him as well. He was always a smart player and key offensive piece for any team he played for (Remember his run with the Jazz when he put the team on his back to beat the Clippers?). The Kings, Hawks, Grizzlies, Bulls, and many other teams could use him in a veteran-mentor type of role. Even a return to Utah to work with Donovan Mitchell could be a great career move, all things considered.

Basically, he still has a lot to offer the NBA world. That much is clear. It’s a shame his career ended so abruptly because he can still give meaningful minutes. He just needs one more opportunity and then, he can retire on his own terms.

…Hopefully with a ring too.

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