Jets Trade Up Three Spots, Who For?

Jets Trade Up Three Spots, Who For?

The New York Jets completed a trade with the Indianapolis Colts early this week.

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Just to move up three spots, the Jets paid a king’s ransom. The Jets need a QB and with who was in front of them, they felt that moving up these spots would put them in the best place to get their guy.

At this point we still have absolutely no idea who the Cleveland Browns are going to take number 1. As the draft stands right now, I see QB’s coming off the board at pick 1, pick 2, and pick 3.

So the question is left who will still be on the board at pick 3?

Sam Darnold, QB

Darnold is the projected number 1 QB in the draft. I see him as the most likely to be a bust. He seems like the perfect Browns pick at number one.

No matter who drafts him, I see him needing one year as a redshirt to learn the NFL play style. If you start him too early, you will derail his whole career.

Josh Allen, QB

Allen has the most upside coming out of the combine. His play style seems like it would be a good fit in New York.

The Giants could end up drafting Barkley second overall which would leave Allen open to get picked up by the Jets at 3.

Josh Rosen, QB

Rosen is the most likely to be still available at pick 3 that would have not been available at pick 6. Rosen has been linked to Denver for quite a while before this trade.

If Allen and Darnold go one, two then expect Rosen to be the Jets pick.

Baker Mayfield, QB

Although Mayfield is the least likely, he is still on the Jets’ radar. I do not see him as the guy given how much they spent to move up.

This usually means that they think that their guy won’t be around by their pick at six.

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