Jerry Jones Is Too Emotional To Be A Winner In Today’s NFL

Jerry Jones Is Too Emotional To Be A Winner In Today’s NFL

Since the establishment of the NFL’s salary cap, we’ve seen plenty of powerhouses throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s struggle much more in today’s game. Look no further than the Dallas Cowboys as a great example. Jerry Jones no longer has the reigns to make emotional decisions and still carry success into following seasons. The NFL transitioned from being “just a game” to being a full on business and in order to sustain a good business, you must remove emotion from the equation. Today’s NFL has left Jerry Jones behind, and its clear if you take a look at the Cowboys success rate since the 1990’s.

I’ve said in past articles when it comes to “continuity” that there can be too much or too little. The Dallas Cowboys are a franchise that is guilty of holding on to players and staff that have either had their chances to make a difference or are way past their time. We can point this seasons struggles at Ezekiel Elliot’s production or the head coach, Jason Garrett but at the end of the day the buck stops with the owner Jerry Jones. This years team is fully capable of beating good teams, but because of Jerry’s emotional attachment to Jason Garrett, this team will underachieve significantly. The struggles will continue as long as emotion is being mixed into business decisions.

Jason Garretts Head Coaching History

For those of you that don’t know by now, Jason Garrett was the backup QB for Troy Aikman from 1993-1999, throughout Dallas’s Super Bowl glory years. Garrett was named interim head coach in 2010 after Wade Phillips’s 1-7 start in his fourth season. On January 6th, 2011 Jason Garrett was named the official head coach after going 5-3 down the stretch to end the season. Garrett would then go on to miss the playoffs for 3 straight seasons after finishing 8-8 each year, losing to a divisional rival in the final game each of those years. In 2014 Garrett finished the season 12-4 with a single playoff win over the Detroit Lions and then would go on to Green Bay where they fell in the NFC divisional round. After the 2014 season, Garrett and the Dallas cowboys agree on a 5 year contract extension. Following the new contract in 2015, the team would go 4-12 after struggling with injuries in key positions. In 2016, the team would bounce back to 13-3 with the emerging rookie class Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot earning a #1 seed in the NFC playoffs but ultimately fell to Green Bay with a last second field goal. In 2017, the Cowboys finished 9-7 missing the playoffs and in 2018 made it back in the playoffs with a 10-6 record but fell to the rams in the divisional round.

Jerry Jones Needs To Move On

Is it time for Jerry Jones to let go of his emotional attachment to Jason Garrett? Sure, the Cowboys have had up and down seasons and some really good moments but at this point I’m pretty sure we all know Garrett is not the guy to get the Cowboys over their championship hump. In Garrets tenure to this point, his overall record is 83-65 in the regular season and 2-3 in the post season. If people are comfortable giving Jerry Jones credit for the success in the 90’s, then the failures of the 00’s and 10’s should be at his feet as well. For me, its 100% time to look at the coaching carousel for the Dallas Cowboys, along with fine tuning key parts on the defense through the draft. Garrett has had nearly 9 seasons to turn the ship around and in my opinion has failed.

Its gotta be frustrating for Dallas fans that the Eagles have been to the Super Bowl twice, winning their first ever championship just 2 years ago. Its gotta be frustrating to see the Giants win 2 championships out of 3 appearances, since the Cowboys last great run. Is it time for Jerry Jones to hand the reigns of his team to someone else? Perhaps the issue is bigger than coaching or players. A 20+ year drought of a Super Bowl appearance says its bigger than any players or coaches in recent memory. Its fair to say that Jerry Jones has failed in the Salary Cap era.

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