Jeremy Lin to the Knicks Makes Sense

Jeremy Lin to the Knicks Makes Sense

With the recent addition of Cam Reddish to New York, there’s some real excitement as the Knicks head into the second part of the season. Despite some very solid play from the starters, there’s still one glaring issue that this team has and that’s the point guard position. This is where Jeremy Lin comes in.

With Kemba Walker being a question mark from game to game, Derrick Rose being injured, and Immanuel Quickley being a little too erratic in his play sometimes, they haven’t really figured out this very important position as they try to make a stronger push to stay in playoff position. For the time being, they can get by with Kemba and the out-of-position playing Alec Burks, but this will be a major issue come playoff time.

They need stability in their playmaking. Considering all of the 10-Day contracts being handed out recently because of injuries and Covid, who says no to a Jeremy Lin reunion?

If you get Linsanity for five games, this signing would be worth it. Adam Hunger/Reuters

He’s been trying very hard to get back into the NBA and is only a couple of seasons removed from a solid backup position with the Atlanta Hawks and winning an NBA Championship with the Raptors. Sure, his athleticism isn’t what it once was, but Lin has a very underrated basketball IQ, can hit an open shot, and was one of the best in league at one point in the pick and roll.

No one is saying that he should start right now for the Knicks, but Lin could definitely get ten minutes or so off the bench to help out. He’s even had experience playing as Kemba Walker’s backup over in Charlotte, when he was in early discussions as a Sixth Man of the Year candidate. Regardless, when a veteran gets an opportunity like this, they won’t waste it. Take a look at what Carmelo Anthony did once the Portland Trail Blazers picked him up a couple of seasons ago.

He was almost out of the league, but he didn’t give up on himself. He waited for the opportunity and knocked it out of the park. Jeremy Lin still has a lot of basketball left in him and he can be that wily veteran that the Knicks need to secure their playoff position. They have very little to lose at this point, especially at the point guard spot. Plus, the Knicks are so well-built defensively, that they could very easily hide Lin in the rotation.

Who knows? Jeremy Lin might have a few games where he shows everyone that he can still be a reliable piece on an NBA roster. Sometimes, a return home can do wonders for a player that hasn’t been the same in a while. We’ve seen it all over the place, even in other sports. When the lights shine bright in Madison Square Garden, and there’s not much time left on the clock, “Linsanity” comes to play.

There’s a chance we get that again with a motivated Lin ready to prove himself. He’s itching for this last chance. The Knicks just have to realize that they can actually take that chance.

Featured Image Credit: Kathy Kmonicek / AP Photo. Adam Hunger/Reuters

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