Jeff Hardy Injured Again?

Jeff Hardy Injured Again?

Numerous reports are coming out regarding the physical health of WWE United States Champion Jeff Hardy, and possible reasons why he’s been kept off SmackDown Live TV.

Reports are currently suggesting that Hardy is dealing with a pinched nerve that is causing numbness in his fingers. This would be the second major injury Hardy has faced since returning to WWE with brother Matt Hardy at WrestleMania 33.

Hardy suffered a shoulder injury back in September, causing him to miss more than six months of in-ring action. When he returned to WWE TV in April, he would go on to defeat Jinder Mahal for the United States Championship on RAW, while at the same time making the jump to SmackDown Live.

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Since becoming Champion, Hardy has been used very little on TV. After retaining his title from Mahal at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, he then went into a feud with Randy Orton where he successfully defended the title at Backlash. From that point, Hardy would go on to face The Miz in a losing effort in a Money in the Bank qualifying match, and then losing again to Daniel Bryan on another episode of SmackDown Live.

Since then, Hardy has been seen little, if at all, on television, and has only made scattered appearances in dark matches on house shows and after 205 Live tapings.

What would another injury mean for the charismatic enigma? Simple answer is, “not good”. WWE reportedly had plans for Hardy to receive a sizable singles push, even possibly going after the World Title or even the Universal title in the future. However, hoping that Hardy would be a stable veteran to have around, (kind of like a Randy Orton), doesn’t seem to be a viable option anymore.

With all that said, we won’t know anything for certain unless WWE formally announces an injury and/or vacates the U.S. title. At this time, Hardy is not scheduled for Money in the Bank next Sunday.

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