Jayson Oweh Scouting Report

Jayson Oweh Scouting Report


  • Position: EDGE
  • School: Penn State
  • Class: RS Sophomore
  • Height: 6’5″
  • Weight: 252 lbs

Jayson Oweh was a 4-star recruit coming out of Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey. After being recruited by top schools (Alabama, Michigan, OSU, Florida) Oweh opted to stay semi close to home and attend Penn State University. In his time with the Nittany Lions, Oweh recorded 63 total tackles, 7 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. His best season come in 2019 where he recorded 21 tackles, 5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.


Size: 3

When you look at Oweh’s measurements you think, how could you grade him at a 3? While he is 252 pounds, he doesn’t carry a lot of mass on his frame. He has a long, lanky build and will need to add on some more size.

First Step/Speed: 5

A twitchy athlete, Oweh covers a lot of ground with his get off. He was able to dominate tackles by just beating them off the line and pressing upfield. Oweh uses his speed and agility to make plays in space.

Hand fighting: 3

His twitchy movements show up in his hand movements. He usually gets his hands on the tackle first, but fails to do much after that, ends up getting locked out. Oweh will need to develop his hand movement and keep them moving until the tackle’s hands are off of him.

Rush Moves: 2

Oweh lacks variety in this department and is still in his coaching phase here. He relies on a chop/rip move, which works in high school, but limited him in college and will definitely limit him in the NFL. Oweh doesn’t do enough to keep the tackle he is facing off balance and will end up getting locked out. He also doesn’t possess the moves to unlock himself.

Bend/Length: 5

Oweh has unreal bend and length. The scary thing is, he doesn’t consistently use these tools to his advantage yet. He doesn’t consistently climb the pocket like he should be able too, and when he does bend like he’s supposed too, he’s untouchable.

Run Defense: 3

Oweh makes good plays in space, but is mostly rendered useless at the line of scrimmage. He doesn’t have the necessary mass to hold his own in the trenches.

Football IQ: 2

Has only played in 20 career games at Penn State, which means he is still learning the position.

Motor: 5

If you watch Penn State’s defense, you’ll see Oweh around the football, no matter the circumstances. It could be on the opposite side of field, 20 yards away from him, and you will see he is coming to make a play.

Health: 5

No injury history to report, so no problem.

Score: 33/45

Matt Sniegowski/Onward State


If you draft Oweh, you’re drafting him for his upside. He is extremely raw as far as his technique goes, but has all the tangibles you would want for a 10+ sack guy. He’s not a guy I see putting his hand in the dirt, and just doesn’t carry the necessary size. Oweh is a 3-4 OLB who you play at the 9 technique and let him get after the QB. His technique isn’t first round worthy, but I believe his athleticism will let help him slip in there.


Bruce Irvin


Late 1st-Early 2nd round

Featured image courtesy of Bryce Dial/GCSN

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