James Dolan is a Child

James Dolan is a Child

At the end of the Knicks’ loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on January 29th, with just 48 seconds left in the game, Jae Crowder stole a Knicks inbound pass before attempting (and missing) a 3-point shot with his team up 18 points. Knicks point guard Elfrid Payton took offense to this and shoved Crowder while he was in the air, sending him into the first row.

This obviously ignited a fight between the two teams, leading to one-game suspensions for Grizzlies players Jaren Jackson Jr. and Marko Guduric. Jae Crowder was fined $35K for his role in escalating the fight. On the Knicks side, Elfrid Payton was suspended a game, and Knicks forward Marcus Morris was fined $35K.


While that whole scuffle was going on, the Madison Square Garden crowd could audibly be heard chanting “sell the team” because the CEO of the Madison Square Garden Company who owns the Knicks was sitting right next to the action. James Dolan went mad. He began trying to get security to somehow stop the chants and even pointed out a teenage kid, solely because he was the closest one to him among the 18,768 fans in attendance chanting “sell the team”.

This isn’t the first time Dolan has done something like this either. We all remember back in March of 2019 when a fan yelled at Dolan to sell the team. What did James Dolan do? He threatened to have the fan banned from MSG. What does that sound like to you? A child.

Frank Franklin II / Associated Press

“Mommy! Timmy said he doesn’t like my room, I don’t want him here anymore!” Like really James? You are an owner of an NBA franchise. Albeit in my opinion one of the worst owners in sports, but an owner nonetheless. If you’re not going to sell the team, why make it worse on yourself by trying to ban people and going after them because they don’t like the job you’re doing? You’re making yourself look like A CHILD.

I don’t know how many people remember this story, but back in 2015, Dolan received an email from a 73-year-old, lifelong Knicks fan. This man wrote an email criticizing Dolan and the way he ran the Knicks and questioned his leadership. What did Dolan do? Well, he just left the email alone and kept it pushing like any other owner would do right? No that’s not at all what he did. James Dolan took the time to write an email back to this man, telling him to “root for the Nets, because the Knicks don’t want you”, and calling him a “sad person” and an “alcoholic maybe”. 

Adam Hunger / USA TODAY Sports

Really? Really James? You’re worth $1.5B and the CEO of the most famous arena in the world, and you’re over here arguing with someone who puts money in your pockets because you didn’t like what he had to say? One more time folks, James Dolan is….A CHILD.

As a lifelong Knicks fan, the way Dolan runs this team and his vision for it is insane. Dolan actually thinks that the Knicks are a hotbed for free agency and the place where every player wants to play. The NBA world swore up and down that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were going to the Knicks because they wanted to play in New York. While it’s true they wanted to play in New York, they were never going to play for the Knicks. As much as I hoped and prayed it would happen, it was never going to happen. It wasn’t because of the roster, it wasn’t because of the money, it was because of one man, James Dolan.

Nobody wants to play for you James! Look at the Clippers. Donald Sterling was a racist and people knew about it. Players didn’t want to play for the Clippers because of him. He gets ousted for the piece of trash he is and is forced to sell the team. Look at the Clippers now James. Steve Ballmer came in there, made players want to be there, and now they have a contending team in the NBA. The New York Knicks will never attract big-name free agents as long as next to “Ownership” it says “James Dolan”. Why? Because NBA players do not want to play for….you guessed it….a child.

Adam Hunger / Reuters

Oh and if you just so happen to read this Jimmy, you can ban me from MSG if you want. I love the New York Knicks, but I haven’t spent money on the team in years strictly because of you so….sorry Jimbo.

Featured Photo: Kathy Willens / Associated Press

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