Jacksonville Release WR Allen Hurns, Where Does He Land?

Jacksonville Release WR Allen Hurns, Where Does He Land?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have decided that their two best Wide Receivers from the past three seasons are no longer needed. Overall, I see this as a great move on the Jaguars part. Both Hurns and Robinson have had nothing but injury problems.

Dede Westbrook and Marquise Lee can fill those shoes just fine. Let’s take last season for instance. Hurns and Robinson combined for 11 games played, 10 of which were by Hurns.

The Jaguars went on to the AFC Championship game without them. They did lose the game to the New England Patriots, but it wasn’t for lack of receivers.


Hurns stated that the Bears have interest in him. This would be particularly interesting because it would reunite him with Robinson. The Bears have made moves this season to really make themselves contenders with a second year quarterback, and this would just add to their versatility.


The Eagles seem to be in on any and all big name WR left on the market. Match Carson Wentz with a speedy WR that can stretch the field like Hurns, and they could become a dangerous duo.


Coach Belichick has said previously that he is a fan of Hurns. He’s on the market, and New England will definitely make a call on him, but I expect the asking price to be far too high for them to actually attain him.


The timetable for Drew Brees and the Saints to win another Super Bowl is closing. Brees needs another weapon on offense, and Hurns would fit in perfectly. Hurns can run the slot as well as anyone in the league when healthy. The saints are another team Hurns stated has interest in him as well.


It’s no secret that Jimmy Garoppolo led one of the least talented teams in football to 5-0 as a starter. This offseason has not been all about giving him weapons like I expected. How to make up for that? Sign Allen Hurns.

Picture Source: Bleacherreport.com

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