It’s Time We All Recognize Josh Allen Is Elite

It’s Time We All Recognize Josh Allen Is Elite

In primetime on Thanksgiving day, the Buffalo Bills went head to head with the Dallas Cowboys. Buffalo came into the game sporting a 8-3 record on the season. They are behind the New England Patriots (10-1) in the AFC east.

Josh Allen had a rough start to the season. In his first five games of the season he threw five touchdowns and seven interceptions. In his last 6 games he has thrown ten touchdowns and one interception.

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He has led the Bills to a now 9-3 record after defeating Dallas today. Allen threw for 242 yards and a touchdown. On top of that he ran 10 times for 43 yards and another touchdown. His last few games have seen him really progress as a QB.

The Cowboys may be the first real test they have played so far. Allen looked like a seasoned veteran in the game today. He looks more confident in his play.

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The Buffalo Bills are beating on the exact teams that they should be beating. In their last six games they have gone 4-2. They beat Dallas, Denver, Miami, and Washington. The two losses were against tough opponents in Philadelphia and Cleveland. The loss to Cleveland is the kind of game they need to win.

On the season, Allen has thrown for 2,581 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions. He has also rushed the ball 83 times for 387 yards and seven touchdowns. He knows exactly when he should run the ball to get the little yardage they may need.

With the Bills very likely to slide into the playoffs in a Wild Card spot, he will need that confidence to get past any division winner. Allen is the key to a deep run in the playoffs.

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