It Might Be October When…

It Might Be October When…

“You might be a redneck if you set up a hunting stand in a Christmas tree,” said the ever infamous Jeff Foxworthy during one of his stand up shows a few years ago. 

Ladies and gentlemen, October Baseball is here. We’ve been waiting for eleven months with grueling persistence and its paid off. In the meantime, we had an exciting, fascinating, and enthralling season where the home run was king and young stars continued to shine. While some teams and fan bases had a lot to cheer about, others had to painfully accept the fate of a October-less Season. Either way, our favorite month is finally here and anticipation is overflowing in the emotions of a Major League baseball fan.

Now, a reader might be asking themselves, “Why the corny joke at the beginning of the article?” Well, number one, who doesn’t love Jeff Foxworthy, who as matter of fact happens to be a huge MLB fan himself in the likes of the Atlanta Braves. But, mainly I will be stealing a page from his cheat sheet of entertainment in the form of, “It might be October Baseball when….”  That word play will set up some memories that have made the MLB Postseason so special. 

We all love October baseball and here are some of the memories that remind us why. 

It might be October when a veteran pitcher for the Boston Red Sox pitches 7 innings of 1 run baseball with a torn tendon injury in his ankle and a bloody sock. In one of the most heroic pitching performances of all time, Curt Schilling brought the Red Sox to being one game away from a historic comeback. After being down 3-0 initially to the New York Yankees in the 2004 ALCS, Schilling’s Bloody Sock game ultimately became a vital step in the greatest comeback in October baseball history. 

It might be October when a man by the name of Tom Cheek proclaimed in pure euphoria, “Touch em all Joe, you’ll never hit a bigger home run in your life!” These perfect words were uttered after Joe Carter hit a walk off home run in 1993 to win the World Series. This is the only time a World Series has ever been won this way. What a moment.

It might be October when a simple ground ball can lose you the World Series and forever ruin your legacy. A painful moment for so many Red Sox fans, yet a crucial one to Mets fans, Bill Buckner’s error at first base in the 1986 World Series will forever be remembered as the most famous error in the history of baseball. 

It might be October when a man morphs into a super human and carries your team to its third World Series Victory in five years. Madison Bumgarner singlehandedly defeated the Kansas City Royals in the 2014 World Series by pitching a maniacal 21 innings in that series, ultimately earning himself the World Series MVP. 

When you’re sitting at home as a child and get to stay up late with your dad because it’s the playoffs, It might be October. Or as a surprise gift from your girlfriend you get tickets to the game and are reminded of how lucky of a guy you really are, It might be October. Or if your dying grandfather gets to see his team win the Series one last time before he passes…      

It might be October.

All these awe-inspiring moments are what make October great. This year we have the ingredients ready for another memorable run. All we can do now is sit back and enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Fenwick Farming Brewing Company

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