Is This The Greatest Goalie Performance of All-Time?

Is This The Greatest Goalie Performance of All-Time?

The Vegas Golden Knights closed out their series with the San Jose Sharks last night by winning Game 6 3-0 in San Jose.

Vegas has now swept Los Angeles, and beat San Jose in six games. Not bad for their inaugural season.

With this impressive playoff run, comes even more impressive individual performances.

Marc-Andre Fleury

fleury save

So far this playoffs, Fleury has a save percentage of .951, a goals against average of 1.53, and 4 shutouts in 10 games.

Even more impressive, out of the ten games thus far, in all but one Fleury faced over 30 shots.

To put these numbers into perspective, when Brodeur won the Stanley Cup in 2003, his goals against average was 1.61; that same year he also set the record for most shutouts in one playoff appearance with 7.

Just half way through the playoffs, Fleury is on pace for 8 shutouts if Vegas were to win the Stanley Cup.

fleury post game intelligencer

In my opinion, if Marc-Andre Fleury is able to perform at the level he has been, I am not sure how any team will be able to beat Vegas; especially if Vegas has home ice advantage.

Whether or not this is actually the greatest playoff performance by a goalie, Fleury’s numbers still need to be recognized for how far the Golden Knights have come in their first season.

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