Is The Beast Back???

Is The Beast Back???

Monday afternoon Brock Lesnar confirmed he signed a new contract with the WWE. Unlike his previous contract the new one will allow him to compete in the UFC as well, much like the one-off that allowed Lesnar to compete at UFC 200. Wouldn’t that be crazy? Brock Lesnar back in the UFC… again.

We last saw Lesnar fight at UFC 200, where he mauled Mark Hunt for 3 rounds. Using superior wrestling and ground and pound he easily beat Mark Hunt. At the UFC 25th Anniversary press conference, UFC president Dana White hinted at a 2018 Lesnar return. Also White sort of implying that he would receive a UFC heavyweight title shot upon his return.

The way it sounds, it’s more of a matter of when Brock return, rather than if he returns. Lesnar does hold a pro MMA record of 5-3 with one no contest. He is a former UFC heavyweight champion, so the man has the skills to compete. Is it only a matter of time before the beast comes back? The world holds its breath as we await the answer.

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