Is Pat McAfee Done With The XFL?

Is Pat McAfee Done With The XFL?

The XFL kicked off last weekend to a lot of success across social media. People loved to see football in February, and even enjoyed the new rules to the game. The kickoff rule seems to be the consensus favorite rule, with many fans and players saying the NFL should adopt the rule.

One thing that a lot of people liked was the sideline interviews. Players and coaches were getting interviewed on the sideline throughout the entire broadcast. Oh, that kicker just missed a field goal? Let’s go talk to him and see why he’s such an idiot that can’t do his job. I loved it, but one thing that I loved even more was Pat McAfee.

I’m a HUGE Pat McAfee fan. If McAfee is involved, I’m watching it. Doesn’t matter if it’s his podcast (that I love), NXT (that I love), or the XFL, if McAfee is involved, I’m game. Him being on the sideline with an open mic, talking to the players and coaches and almost getting Troy Aikman decapitated was awesome (not Aikman almost losing a head, but the entire situation). Although it seems it wasn’t so awesome for McAfee himself.

On his podcast after the XFL games, guest host and Packer legend AJ Hawk asked Pat about his experience in the XFL. Right away you could tell Pat had mixed feelings, and even at one point said, “I don’t know if I’m the guy who’s supposed to be in a position to ask for permission to speak”.

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McAfee went on to say he didn’t know how many more games he was going to do and when AJ Hawk said “your mic is always on, when you want to talk you just talk right?” Pat replied, “that’s what I thought, that’s why I signed up.” He went on to say he doesn’t think the sideline position is the right position for him, but he still had fun. After seeing that, I still expected to see McAfee for week 2 of the XFL.

Saturday came…no Pat. Sunday’s first game came…no Pat. Then I thought to myself “well NXT TakeOver: Portland is tonight, maybe he’s in Portland working with the WWE.” I turn on TakeOver….no Pat. So that begs the question, is Pat McAfee through with the XFL?

Pat McAfee is a guy that loves to talk, and people love to listen to. As he said on his podcast, he’s a very good comedian that has sold out 6,000 seat theaters. He has his hand in so many different ventures, so it’s not like he NEEDS the XFL. This could be a major coincidence however. Maybe McAfee just wasn’t scheduled for this week’s games. Maybe he had another engagement. Maybe he’s sick. Or maybe it’s the worst case scenario and we’ll never see McAfee on the sidelines again…..let’s hope not because as I said before…anything McAfee touches turns to gold.

Featured Photo: The Pat McAfee Show (YouTube)

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