Is Harvey Becoming a Liability?

Is Harvey Becoming a Liability?

Matt Harvey lost his starting spot in the New York Mets’ rotation after going 0-2 with a 6.00 ERA in just 4 starts. Since being demoted to the bullpen the former starter has given up two runs in four innings.

Adjusting to the bullpen can be difficult for guys who are used to throwing once every four or five days. However, a report from the New York Post came out stating that Harvey was found partying in Los Angeles a day before the team faced the San Diego Padres. Harvey would be called on during that game, where he ended up giving up a solo home run.

Manager Mickey Callaway met with the reliever, where they walked through the entire night. They concluded that the situation was not a big deal and definitely did not interfere with his performance the following day.


Sandy Alderson had a separate meeting with Harvey where he came to the same conclusion, but did add that Matt must understand the kind of presence he has within the New York media.

“Matt has to understand people have always noticed what he does. We were talking today, it’s like a borderline pitch. In his case it’s always called a strike,” Alderson told ESPN.

Alderson also explained that he was not upset by the news, since it was not something that came unexpectedly.

For the Mets’ sake, hopefully Harvey can settle in and start being a strong component to their bullpen.


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