Is Derek Jeter to Blame for Marlins’ Woes?

Is Derek Jeter to Blame for Marlins’ Woes?

Not too long ago we were all watching Jeter on the big stage in the MLB. Once a captain of the New York Yankees and a former five time World Series champion, Jeter decided to take his baseball knowledge and expertise to the office and decided to change from Jeter the player, to Jeter the owner.

Having someone like Derek Jeter who has a large knowledge of the game become an owner is every fans dream, but not when the owner is at fault for making mistakes. Jeter has compound a load of problems simply by making avoidable errors that has placed a large shadow over his ownership and the Marlins franchise.

The Marlins were excited and ready to move on from Jeffrey Loria who is notorious for making the decision to invest in the stadium, that was labeled as shady, and not in a team that was deteriorating. Jeter was thought as being the man to fix the problem, but even in his first year as owner, he made questionable decisions that would eventually lead into a fan base that is not supportive.

In his first year as owner he made the decision to trade NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees, in which he got very little return in the deal. A player like Stanton is every franchise’s dream. Building around a player like Stanton, is what the fan base wanted, but Jeter and his team decided to trade him to his former team the Yankees and got in return 2B Starlin Castro and two minor leaguers, P Jorge Guzman and SS Jose Devers. However, Stanton wasn’t the only all-star they let go, Christian Yelich also saw his name be removed from the roster.

After this head scratching trade fan support started to fall. In the 2017-2018 year the fan support was the worst in Major League Baseball with attendance down near 10,000 per game. Season ticket holders stopped buying tickets, and the very famous Marlins man, the guy who sat behind home-plate with a bright orange jersey since 1993, decided to end his season ticket holding franchise record.

In the off-season for the Marlins they also made some moves, but some of them weren’t the “smartest” of moves. In October the Marlins traded Ryan Lillie, Adonis Giron, Brayan De Paula, and Kyle Barraclough to receive salary space for the Mesa brothers from Cuba. The Mesa brothers were great additions to the team, but Kyle Barraclough was not the player to trade. Barraclough was worth more than what they traded him for, and so they lost value in the trade making it not a great decision by the Marlins owner.

However, the questionable moves for the Marlins wouldn’t stop there. The Miami Marlins RHP Nick Wittgren was traded to the Indians for RHP Jordan Milbrath. Milbrath does have value, but saying Wittgren and Milbrath are worth the same value is absurd. Milbrath is only a few months younger than the veteran they traded away to the Indians. This was one of the worst trades the Marlins have made in the last two years.

The last questionable move the Marlins have made is letting Derek Dietrich walk into free agency, and saying goodbye to J.T. Realmuto (their best player). Dietrich, a Marlins fan favorite, who has a lot of potential, ended his time with the Marlins very suddenly. The value he brings to your team and his experience makes this a very questionable move by the Marlins. After landing with the Reds, Dietrich seems to have been a big mistake for the Marlins.

J.T. Realmuto was another departure that came rather quickly. Realmuto, who was the best player on the Marlins, found himself seeking new residency in Philadelphia. The Phillies pulled the trigger on Realmuto, a quality player, to take serious time behind the plate. Why get rid of your best players when you have no other players in free-agency you are seeking? Another bad move for the Marlins.

Have the Marlins also made some good changes? Absolutely. But, the bad are outweighing the good. Is Jeter to blame for the woes? That’s for you to decide.


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2 thoughts on “Is Derek Jeter to Blame for Marlins’ Woes?

  1. Corey I put the blame squarely on Jeter. It’s my guess his name is the and most important on the final sign off. I agree 💯 Jeter was a All Star on the diamond. But it seems his executive decision making is lacking. Awesome article nice job Corey.

  2. This guy’s a total moron as an “owner” these guys both are terrible this franchise has been saddled with idiots for owners from day 1! people who care about the money first, and not the team, fans, product on the field, and or ANYTHING but how to line themselves with as much cash as they could.

    Jeter was a good player but he’s not a good owner….. FAR From it! He’s to blame, and as a fan I will never set foot in the stadium under his ownership group, and I live in Miami, and have been to hundreds, and hundreds of Marlins games from 1993.

    Please “Derek Jeter, and Bruce Sherman” need to sell the team to a real owner, and go back to NYC.

    They blew it down here… And have lied to the entire fanbase! FROM DAY 1!

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