Is Cam’s Time Coming To An End In Carolina?

Is Cam’s Time Coming To An End In Carolina?

With the success of Kyle Allen after Can Newton went down with a foot injury, could Newton’s time with Carolina be coming to a close?

If so, there’s definitely a few teams who could use his once-in-a-generation talents, but they would have to pay a pretty penny.

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Denver Broncos

The Broncos haven’t had a good quarterback since Peyton Manning won them a Super Bowl in 2016. With a plethora of weapons on offense that include Emmanuel Sanders and Philip Lindsay, Newton should fit nicely in this system. Joe Flacco is unfortunately past his prime and the offensive line is not helping him stay for much longer. It is definitely time to look for the REAL quarterback of the future. The bad news for the Broncos is Newton will not come cheap.

Trade scenario: Broncos trade Von Miller and a 2020 3rd round pick for Cam Newton and a 2020 2nd round pick.

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Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton has had more than enough time to prove himself in Cincinnati and he hasn’t. That organization gave him all the tools necessary to succeed and he hasn’t. So, unfortunately Bengals fans, it’s time to move on. The good news is they might be able to sneak a couple extra draft picks to fill gaps where needed this year.

Trade scenario: A.J Green and a 2020 4th round pick for Cam Newton, a 2020 2nd round pick, and a 2021 3rd round pick.

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New England Patriots

Tom Brady just seems to get better with age, but that’s the problem: age. It’s no secret he is getting to that ceiling for retirement, so is it time to start looking for his replacement? Cam Newton would offer a new challenge in the Bill Belichick offense, but one that could be fruitful. Who knows, Newton could be the one that keeps that dynasty going for years to come!

Trade scenario: Devin McCourty and a 2020 3rd round pick for Cam Newton and a 2020 2nd round pick.

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Chicago Bears

The Mitchell Trubisky experiment isn’t really going the way the Bears organization thought it would. After trading up one spot in the 2016 NFL Draft to get him, he really hasn’t shown Chicago a whole lot of reasons to keep him around. It isn’t panic time, but it is time to look for a new quarterback and who better than one who has plenty of veteran experience.

Trade scenario: Eddie Jackson and a 2nd round pick for Cam Newton and a 2nd round pick

Photo Credit: NBC Sports,, Chicago Sun-Times, Mile High Report, Pats Pulpit

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