Is Boston Leading the Tavares Sweepstakes?

Is Boston Leading the Tavares Sweepstakes?

After nearly 12 hours of meetings and receiving the final six teams offers, John Tavares and his team will step back and deliberate what they have learned.

None of the six teams have been ruled out, leaving just approximately 72 hours for the center to decide who will land him. The New York Islanders, Toronto Maple Leafs, San Jose Sharks, Boston Bruins, Dallas Stars, and Tampa Bay Lightning all remain in play for the franchise player.

Earlier on Wednesday night, it was reported that a source close to the Tavares situation expressed that he and his team appeared intrigued by the Bruins pitch, and that the Bruins also walked away feeling confident about their meeting.   

Another thing the Bruins have going for them is that they can offer him the third highest net salary of all teams involved, at seven years for $84 million. That is a net salary of $53 million, keeping in mind that despite the Islanders eight year contract offer, Tavares could see a max net salary of $50 million by electing to re-sign with New York.

It is worth noting that if Tavares decides to stay put with the Islanders, he only has until midnight Saturday to receive his eight year deal. As of Sunday, July 1st, they can only offer him a seven year contract, same as every other team in the hunt.

One thing is for sure, the next couple of days could remain quiet, as John Tavares has a lot to think over. Though we could see a decision as early as Thursday morning, look for Tavares to make his choice, or at least inform the Islanders of his position before the stroke of midnight on Saturday.


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