Interview With FSW Referee Cody Andrews

Interview With FSW Referee Cody Andrews

We’ve heard it over and over again, but it really is true. It’s an absolutely amazing time to be a wrestling fan. Not just because of the whole WWE vs. AEW “war”, but because of the access. It really doesn’t matter what kind of wrestling you like either. 

You can watch WWE, AEW, ROH, NJPW, and Impact on television, along with many others. You can check out MLW on YouTube or the brand new (and very great looking) NWA Powerrr.  If you love wrestling, you can find great wrestling to watch.

But in Las Vegas, Nevada, there is a promotion called Future Stars of Wrestling. FSW is a wrestling school in Vegas where you can train to become a pro wrestler under the guidance of some pretty big names. Name such as Sinn Bodhi, D’Lo Brown, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Not only does FSW train wrestlers, they also put on  some very great shows.


In the past, wrestlers such as Killer Kross, The Lucha Brothers, Willie Mack Kenny King, Chris Bey and many many more have graced the FSW ring. I had a chance to speak with one of FSW’s referees, Cody Andrews, on not only being a part of FSW, but also being a pro wrestling referee.

Mike Rosa:  So on top of being a referee, are you also training to be a professional wrestler?
Cody Andrews: Yes, I’ve always had an interest in wrestling, but when I was coming into wrestling, there were not a lot of refs. I decided to ref a few shows and realized how fun it was and I stuck with it ever since.

Cody Andrews/Future Stars of Wrestling

Mike: In FSW, how do they determine who gets to ref the big profile matches? 
Cody: Most of the time it depends on the promoter and who he wants officiating the match. Sometimes the head ref at the show will decide who gets what matches.

Mike: FSW also does work for other promotions correct? What do these promotions have FSW talent do at their events?
Cody: We’ve had a lot of opportunities to work ring crew for Impact Wrestling and ROH when they’re in town. They will have us help set up the ring, work security and be able to see what it’s like backstage for television.

Mike: You were involved in a beat down by Killer Kross on an episode of Impact. What was it like to not only be in that position, but then seeing it on television?
It was a pretty surreal experience to be on Impact and to be in the ring with Kross. To be on a show I’ve watched for many years and for it to be in Vegas was an awesome moment. Being choked out by him, not so much but it is something I’ll never forget.

Mike: So besides that Killer Kross segment, what is your most memorable moment while being a referee or just while being at FSW?Cody: I’d have to say being able to work with Jon Moxley. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Joey DeFalco/Future Stars of Wrestling

Mike: What’s the toughest part about being a referee?
Cody: The toughest part is being everywhere at once. I have to able to be alert and keep my eyes on everything that happens in a match, whether it’s a near fall or a tag partner coming in without making a tag.

Mike: What is the best advice you’ve been given by either a veteran, or a trainer, or anybody in the wrestling business?
Cody: Make every moment in the ring mean something.

Mike: What does the future hold for you?
Cody: I would love to eventually start wrestling and have my first match soon, but time will tell.

You can check out FSW at, or on their Facebook page. They hold monthly shows at their FSW arena, so if you’re ever in the Las Vegas area, I strongly suggest you check them out. I’ve been to a number of FSW shows, and let me just say, it is an incredible experience. The in-ring action is absolutely phenomenal. Plus, it’s great to see people that are following their dreams get a chance to display their talents.

Not to mention, you never really know who will show up!

Future Stars of Wrestling

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