Injury Update:  Iguodala Doubtful, Thompson questionable

Injury Update: Iguodala Doubtful, Thompson questionable

It may seem like the Warriors have rolled right on without skipping a beat ever since Andre Iguodala’s knee injury in game 3 against Houston.  They’ve been able to hide how bad they miss him out there, but they just don’t have the same rhythm they do when he’s on the court.

The Warriors were up 3-1 on the Rockets when he first went out, and without a Chris Paul injury they could have been looking at a much more competitive game 6 and 7 to finish that series.

Golden State had lost only one game in the first two rounds of the playoffs before the injury.  Since then, they’ve lost two in seven games, with one of them being at home.

In game 1 of the Finals, the Warriors came extremely close to surrendering home court advantage, and LeBron James went for 51 points. 

There have definitely been areas where Iguodala would have have been helpful and filled some voids.


He is once again listed as doubtful for game 2.

While the Warriors will most likely be able to withstand his absence, Klay Thompson also suffered a high ankle sprain in the last game (listed as questionable for game 2), which will be  something else to keep an eye on.  If Thompson AND Iguodala both miss time, Cleveland could have an opportunity to extend the series.


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