Impact Wrestling Recap – 7/26/18 (Slammiversary ’18 Fallout Show)

Impact Wrestling Recap – 7/26/18 (Slammiversary ’18 Fallout Show)

Hello and welcome, Impact Wrestling fans! After the smashing success that was Impact’s Slammiversary, it’s time for us to experience the fallout of the event and how much of an effect it’s had on Impact Wrestling and it’s wrestlers! Tonight’s episode is solely focused on Impact’s fallout as we start to kick-off our journey on the road to Bound For Glory! I’ll be sure to cover every moment for your convenience so, with that being said, let’s not waste any more time and get right to it!

The show’s cold open begins with recaps from Slammiversary on Sunday, which was an amazing event for Impact Wrestling. If you missed the event, I encourage you to find some time and seek it out! If you’re unable to do so, however, I’ve gladly covered Slammiversary ’18 in extensive detail (although I still encourage that you watch it as well if you have the chance)! The recaps are very well-done and, while I was really hoping that they would’ve retained Barry Scott for the future, I’m pretty happy that his absence made me appreciate Slammiversary’s cold-open that much more as a whole. That being said, once the recaps and the show’s introduction plays out, we’re taken into the Impact Zone, welcomed by our announcers, Don Callis and Josh Matthews!


We’re immediately kicking off with the introduction of the Impact World Champion Austin Aries, who defended his title in a very physical match against Moose, who was recently revealed to have suffered a concussion after that match and will be sidelined for a period of time. Aries grabs a microphone and prepares to speak to a crowd that is split between cheering his name and booing him.

Aries silences the crowd, thanking them but saying that he knows his name (cocky, but effective). He also mentions that he knows that Impact Wrestling presented one of the best wrestling events today in Slammiversary, praising every match and each wrestler that performed. Interestingly enough, he mentions that he knew that each match and each following match was so well-done and intense that he figured everyone would ask themselves, “How does Austin Aries vs. Moose top that?” (does Austin Aries read my recaps? I don’t think I have any words that could describe how awesome of a feeling that would be)! However, he says that the main event still topped everything and that it was an example of what professional wrestling is and how it should be done and, at the end of the day, he did what he said he would do: defeat Moose and retain his championship.

He also presents the question of what being Impact World Champion means and that, to him, it means he’s the absolute best in the industry and that no one is any better. He also takes a shot at those who have their material written for them or those who perform in their own comfort zone, saying that they can’t call themselves the best (I can smell the gunpowder from those shots that were fired). On the other hand, he notes that if you can go from continent-to-continent and from promotion-to-promotion, and you win championships all over the world, you can call yourself the best and that’s what the Impact World Championship represents to him. He then lays out an open challenge from anyone (even from any promotion) that think that they’re the best to come down and prove it against him.


As he lays the challenge down, however, Eddie Edwards sneaks in from behind with a kendo stick in hand and catches Aries as he’s turning around with the stick. Eddie drops Aries with a Future Shock DDT and poses with Aries’ championship, as Callis notes that, instead of Edwards looking to destroy someone, he’s focusing now on obtaining his championship again.

We get a quick promotion that Anthony Carelli (the former Santino Marella from WWE) is in the Impact Zone (although it notes he will be making an appearance, not that he will be wrestling). Josh also mentions that Scarlett Bordeaux will be debuting tonight, to which Callis immediately ‘freshens up’ by dipping drops of his water bottle to dap himself and checks his body odor (that tan though, Callis, that tan)!

With that being said, we’re now set for our first match as Petey Williams’ theme blares off.

1st Match

Match 1: Petey Williams vs. Taiji Ishimori

We’re kicking the show off with X-Division action as ‘Canadian Destroyer’ Petey Williams is set to take on ‘Bone Soldier’, Taiji Ishimori! Interestingly enough, Taiji’s walking a bit slowly to the ring. It may be signs of fatigue from the four-way match at Slammiversary but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on here.

The crowd immediately breaks out with ‘Petey’ chants (we’re still in Canada at this point), as Petey kicks off the match with a quick transition to the back of Ishimori, catching him in a waist-lock, but Ishimori slips out and has Petey in a wrist-lock. Petey immediately rolls out and reverses the lock and Ishimori does the same, ending the exchange with a forearm. After a quick dodge from a clothesline, Petey rebounds the rope and catches Ishimori with a snap-hurricanrana, dropping Ishimori onto the middle rope. Petey immediately follows up with a running dropkick onto Ishimori and rushes towards the ropes again but Ishimori ducks and rolls Petey into a school-boy roll-up for a two-count.

Petey immediately resumes control and attempts a figure-four leg-lock but Ishimori kicks Petey outside to the apron. Petey still maintains his stability, however, and catches a pursuing Ishimori with a springboard Codebreaker, as the crowd applauds him and chant his name. Petey sets Ishimori in a tree-of-woe on the corner and steps on his…little Taiji for the ‘O Canada’ chant with the crowd. Petey attempts to follow up with a suplex, but Ishimori attempts to block it and eats a forearm from Petey, who whips Ishimori into a corner instead. Ishimori, however, dodges and disorients Petey with quick dodges before ending up on the apron to deliver a springboard standing senton onto Petey to drop him to the mat. Ishimori immediately follows up with a cravate hold and a series of shoulder-strikes while Callis continues to hype him as a member of the Bullet Club (he actually mentions the club’s name on commentary, there’s no censorship here). Ishimori continues the offense with a snapmare, standing over Petey as he twists the head of a prone Petey with his ankles and revels in his damage before holding Petey in a chinlock.

1st Match 2

Petey starts to fight back but Ishimori counters and drops Petey back into a modified STF hold (the hold doesn’t have the standard leg grapple but it isn’t a full cross-face either) but Petey reaches the ropes. Ishimori continues the offense with clubbing blows to the back and has Petey in waist-control for a German suplex until Petey lands back elbows to fight out. Petey begins to regain momentum, countering multiple attempts at a corner splash by Ishimori and landing a rope-assisted enzuigiri before nailing his headscissors-transition into a side Russian leg sweep and crucifix-pinfall for a two count.

Petey immediately follows up with a butterfly-lifted reverse-STO and hypes the crowd up for the Canadian Destroyer. However, Ishimori counters out and manages a handstand springboard, catapulting a kick into Petey’s head for a two-count. Ishimori immediately sets up and nails a shotgun dropkick/running knee combo onto a prone Petey before setting up for the 450 Splash. However, he takes too long and misses the splash but he rolls through and gets caught in an attempt at the Canadian Destroyer by Petey. However, Ishimori counters and manages to land the Tombstone double-knee facebuster for a two-count.

1st Match 3

Ishimori looks to set up a DDT but Petey fights out and drops a rebounded Ishimori with a pop-up powerbomb, rolling him back up for the Canadian Destroyer once again. He still is unable to flip Ishimori over but he rolls through and attempts a Sharpshooter until he’s caught by Ishimori in a Small Package pinfall and Ishimori catches him with a knee-strike, finishing Petey off with a modified DDT-into a single-knee facebuster for the pinfall victory.

Post-match, both men shake hands and Petey raises Ishimori’s hand in victory, but the Desi Hit Squad (Gursinder Singh and Rohit Raju, led by Gama Singh) storm the ring and beat down both men. Gursinder drops Petey with a hard bicycle-kick while Rohit drops Ishimori with a spinning neckbreaker followed by an Olympic Slam by Gursinder. Both men take Ishimori to the outside and slam him into the steel steps. They rush back in and finish Petey off with a knee-strike/Sky-High powerbomb combination.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

Analysis: This was a standard X-Division match as it was but it was still a good match, nonetheless. Ishimori is now competing with more of a meaner streak, due to his Bullet Club persona (I guess they took him to a basement and forced him to watch a ton of Randy Orton 101 videos) while Petey still performs as well as he does, albeit a bit slowed down since his early days. The Canadian Destroyer attempts are always a fun spot but, as Callis made mention of (and I agree with him), he has a tendency to tease it way too often and it loses its allure as a result. I assume the handshake between the two men and the attack from the Desi Hit Squad will lead to the two men teaming up at this point, which is alright with me (although I’d prefer Taiji either worked alone or with his group since he IS a member of Bullet Club after all).


The beautiful Alicia Atout (from AMBY on YouTube, if you wanted to view her work) is backstage and she introduces her guest, the ‘Miracle from Milan’ (as a throwback to his Marella character), Anthony Carelli (sans his faux-Italian accent, which is jarring to hear but pretty cool). Carelli notes that he does miss wrestling in the ring but he’s unable to be medically cleared to compete, due to a neck injury. He does introduce a student from his Battle Arts Academy, Dustin Cameron, who had his tryout recently for Impact. However, Austin Aries interrupts the interview, demanding a handshake and ordering Carelli to leave the arena. Carelli notes that he used to be a big fan of Aries but he wasn’t anymore, which prompts Aries to challenge Carelli on the spot. Carelli declines, once again citing his neck as the reason he can no longer compete. Aries, however, challenges Cameron instead. Carelli attempts to decline the challenge but Cameron immediately accepts the match, excited that he got himself an Impact World Championship match. Carelli and Atout stare on speechlessly before Carelli notes that Cameron paid for his Battle Arts membership in advance at least (great business decision, Carelli).

We get a promotion for the main event: an X-Division Championship rematch between Matt Sydal and the new champion, Cage!

Back from commercial break and we get a quick recap of the events surrounding Austin Aries, from the attack by Eddie Edwards to the challenge against Dustin Cameron. We’re then taken to the Impact Zone for our next match as Rebel walks down the ramp (I need a moment…)


Match 2: Rebel vs. Tessa Blanchard

Rebel is extremely flexible and has an ‘interesting’ taste for ring attire (do with that statement what you will). Tessa Blanchard’s entrance is still impressive and the aura and personality she exudes really displays her as a dominant force in the Knockouts Division. Coming off an impressive win against Allie at Slammiversary, she’ll be looking to continue that momentum in this next match.

The match starts off with a face-off between the two and some trash-talking. Rebel is surprisingly taller than I thought compared to Tessa, who looks more athletically fit between the two. Rebel brushes her nose at Tessa, who rushes into Rebel with a forearm, but Rebel avoids by splitting and catching Tessa in a victory roll for a one-count.

Rebel manages to forearm Tessa and gets some distance to nail a cartwheel corner clothesline. Rebel whips Tessa into the opposite corner but Tessa reverses, sending Rebel into the corner instead. Rebel manages to vault to the top rope, avoiding a shoulder tackle by Tessa, and attempts to sunset-flip Tessa for a pin. Tessa manages to hold onto the ropes, however, stomping Rebel in the face to escape the hold. Tessa begins to dominate with a forearm to Rebel and swings her down into the middle rope, setting her up for the running dropkick for the two-count. Tessa continues to maintain control with a snapmare and a kick to the back of Rebel before setting her up for the Hammerlock DDT, but Rebel rolls Tessa up instead for a two-count. Rebel avoids a shotgun dropkick attempt from Tessa and drops her with a boot to the face and a spinning hook kick. Rebel then nails Tessa with a front-drop vertical suplex-facebuster (doing the splits while doing so) for the two-count.

Rebel 2

Rebel heads up to the middle-rope, setting up a prone Tessa for the F.B.G. (The ‘F’ and the ‘G’ stand for ‘Flying’ and ‘Guillotine’, I’ll leave you to figure out the ‘B’ if you know Rebel well enough). Tessa manages to spring back up, however and catch Rebel as she has her leg up in the air, kicking the inside-leg and dropping her with with a nasty draping DDT before finishing Rebel with the Hammerlock DDT for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Analysis: I’m honestly surprised that Rebel got as much offense as she did in this match but the conclusion was never really in doubt. Tessa is clearly being positioned in a strong position en route to an inevitable title shot (or even title reign) and this was nothing more than a tune-up for her en route to that end goal. Rebel, as I mentioned, got some decent offense in this match and she fought fairly well. I’m glad she got some screen-time though and I’m alright with this match. It’s nothing to really write home about but it did what it needed to do for the purposes intended.

We get a promo from Josh Matthews that Scarlett Bordeaux’s debut is up next (deep breaths, deep breaths…)

We get another promotion for Impact Bound for Glory in the Melrose Ballroom in NYC! Also of note, apparently, it came out recently that there are some cryptic hints that were hidden in this promo video regarding a surprise for the show. I haven’t gotten a chance to analyze it yet but if you have any ideas as to what it could be, leave me a message regarding your thoughts!


After a (much-needed…*ahem*) commercial break, we see the entrance video for Scarlett Bordeaux as her music cues up and she makes her way down the ramp in the most seductive way possible (no seriously, she intentionally makes it seductive…I’m going to do you a solid, Impact’s official channel has her entire entrance, just witness it yourself and thank me for it later, trust me). Don Callis notes that he had to strap himself to his chair as he’d be there in two seconds otherwise (I envy you so much, Callis). Alicia Atout is also ringside, ready to interview her. As she welcomes Scarlett, Scarlett insists that she’s called ‘The Smokeshow’ Scarlett Bordeaux. Alicia comments that Scarlett has joined at the best possible time in the Knockouts Division. Scarlett notes that we’re in the middle of a historic period for women’s wrestling, as in a ‘Revolution’, and that she wants to be a part of that to help empower women and that she wants to ‘help fight women’s rights’ (I think she meant fight ‘for’ women’s rights but I digress) and be remembered as the greatest women’s activist of all time. Atout mentions that she’d want to be like Susan B. Anthony, but Scarlett remarks, ‘Ew, more like Marilyn Monroe or Cardi B’ (sigh, Scarlett, why?) with a hair-flip. She notes that she refuses to ‘cover up’ and she won’t be ‘hot-shamed,’ which prompts Alicia to ask what that meant. Scarlett quips that she wouldn’t expect her to understand and calls her a ‘5’ when she mentions that the ’10’ is talking. She orders Alicia to leave and declares that she’s here to make wrestling ‘sexy’ again before licking the microphone and leaving the stage, still as seductively (I need another commercial break).


We get a promo video from Matt Sydal, who noted that he gave his best effort at Slammiversary and that he only lost the physical representation of the X-Division Championship. However, the manifestation of the championship is still in his Third Eye. He notes that Brian Cage is still convinced that the mechanics of how the universe works is the correct way and that he, along with the crowd that thinks he had a bad night, are all wrong (while they show a clip of the moment Sydal clipped his legs on the ropes during the Shooting Sydal Press, which is probably the best way they can work with that, to be honest, as it was very noticeable). All Sydal did from that match was learn and grow, as he describes the concept of nature and harmony, and that nature will return the X-Division Championship back to him in the end, as that is how nature works (whatever Sydal is on, I’ll have that much, please?).

We’re taken backstage where Johnny Impact is on a motorcycle, but the camera pans out to show that he’s just pretending to ride while two men make sound effects and fan him (what?).

Pentagon promo

Back from commercial break and we get a eerie promo video of Pentagon Jr. staring intently at a lock of Sami Callahan’s hair. While recaps of the Lucha de Apuestas match plays, Pentagon Jr. recounts the feud, noting Sami went about boasting about taking Pentagon’s mask and beating him down, but Sami took him to the limit at Slammiversary. However, Pentagon walked away with the ultimate prize: Sami’s hair. He notes that he also continues to have ‘Cero Miedo’ as the promo closes. Pentagon’s promo videos are extremely well-done for his character and demonstrate his darker edge.

We’re back in the Impact Zone, as we’re set for our next match.


Match 3: Trevor Lee (w/ Caleb Konley) vs. Johnny Impact

Former Impact X-Division Champion Trevor Lee is set for action as he faces off against a returning Johnny Impact, who’s looking to continue his momentum after coming out victorious in the Four-Way match at Slammiversary. The crowd’s behind Johnny all the way, as he’s showered with ‘Johnny’ chants, but he’s facing off against a very talented Trevor Lee, whose looking to build some momentum on his way back up. Can Trevor halt Johnny’s surging momentum or will Johnny take Trevor to Slamtown?

The match starts with a lock up, as Lee muscules Johnny into the corner, forcing the break-up by the referee. Lee backs off of the hold but attempts to sneak in a forearm, running into an arm drag from Johnny as a result. Johnny controls the arm of Lee at this point, grounding him numerous times. Lee shoves Johnny off but Johnny immediately hooks a leg and catches Lee with a kick to the other leg, dropping Lee. Lee tries to strike Johnny but fails as Johnny manages to drop Lee with a leg lariat. Johnny attempts to set up a running knee strike but Konley catches his leg, tripping Johnny up and allowing Lee to catch him with a hot-shot across the top rope for a two-count.


Lee now has the momentum and continues the offense, whipping Johnny into the turnbuckles with a hard Irish Whip and choking him with his boot. Lee taunts to the crowd a little bit, however, which allows Johnny to fires up with hard strikes. Lee reverses a whip into the corner but Johnny dodges and slides out to the apron for a springboard attack. Lee, however, manages to catch an incoming Johnny with a dropkick to send him into the floor. Lee immediately rushes Johnny back in and covers for a two-count. Lee, visibly frustrated, follows up with a back-suplex backbreaker but still only gets a two-count. Lee stands onto Johnny’s sternum and holds the ropes, forcing a five-count from the referee. While the referee reprimands Lee, however, Konley gets involved again, choking Johnny on the outside, as Lee continues the momentum with more kicks. Lee whips Johnny to the corner, but Johnny slides out to the outside, catching an incoming Lee with a rope-assisted enzuigiri and springboard corkscrew cross-body.


Both men are down as the referee starts a ten-count. Both men manage to make it back up and trade strikes against each other before Lee manages to whip Johnny to the ropes, resulting in Johnny sliding between Lee’s legs and landing a dropkick, followed by a springboard kick but only gets a two-count. Johnny then heads up to the top rope, setting up for the Impact Elbow, but Konley attempts to distract him. Johnny manages to kick Konley off, but this allows Lee to recover enough to dodge the maneuver, catching a reeling Johnny with an impressive running double-stomp for the two-count. Lee, reaching a boiling point, positions himself behind Johnny for a Deadlift German Suplex, but Johnny fights off with back elbows. Lee manages to regain waist-control and delivers the Suplex but Johnny lands on his knees, regaining stability and catching Lee with the running knee strike. Johnny sets up Lee for Starship Pain but Konley manages to pull Lee to the floor, canceling the move altogether. Johnny, being the daredevil that he is, heads back up to the top rope and nails both men with the Impact Elbow dive to the outside. Johnny manages to pull himself up enough to send Lee inside the ring, nailing a nice Starship Pain for the pinfall victory.

Post-match, Johnny Impact celebrates his victory among the crowd and grabs a microphone to address the crowd. He mentions that he has no words to describe how good he feels to be back in the Impact Zone and that Impact Wrestling is the reason guys in the back, including himself, do what they do. He said his goal is to become the Impact World Champion but, before he does that, he has to take care of one loose end in Kongo Kong (the man that took Johnny out of the Impact Zone). Johnny vows that he will not rest until he takes Kongo Kong to Slamtown!

Winner: Johnny Impact

Analysis: I’m alright with this match as a welcome-back for Johnny Impact into the impact Zone (barring Slammiversary). However, there were too many frequent cases of Caleb Konley interfering here that dragged this match a little bit. The last moment where Konley blatantly removed Trevor Lee from the ring before Johnny hit Starship Pain occurred blatantly in front of the referee, which could’ve been grounds for a DQ or an ejection believably but referee’s discretion can be used to explain that instance. I do like the bit of continuity that Johnny Impact displayed here by referring to the attack by Kongo Kong and vowing to tie that loose end up. I enjoy bits like that because it helps to show a character’s evolution and continuity, which is always a bonus.

Su Yung

Back from commercial break, we get a quick replay of Johnny Impact’s victory, as well as Kongo Kong’s attack on Johnny that placed him on the ‘Injured List’ (the attack was done to allow Johnny to film for the newest season of ‘Survivor’). We’re also shown recaps of Su Yung’s title defense victory against Madison Rayne at Slammiversary, as well as a beautiful montage of her destruction in the Knockouts Division.


We’re taken backstage, where Alicia Atout is interviewing Allie and asks her what’s next after her loss against Tessa Blanchard at Slammiversary. Allie mentions that, even though she lost against Tessa, she lost against one of the best in the division and that she was okay with that. What she wasn’t okay with, however, is what happened with Madison Rayne at Slammiversary, where she was placed in the casket by Su Yung after her loss. Allie blames her self for being distracted and not being there for Rosemary and Madison and she promises to take down Su Yung, even if she has to do it alone. As she says this, however, Kiera Hogan comes in, saying that Allie won’t do it alone and that she will be assisting her.

At this point, we’re given a flashback match from No Surrender 2010, where Generation Me (popularly known as The Young Bucks) faced off against Motor City Machine Guns for the then-TNA World Tag Team Championships. It’s a great promotion for Impact’s Global Wrestling Network, as it showcases some of their best matches/PPVs as an incentive to purchase the network. I won’t actually review this match because it’s really a retro-match but I do encourage you to check that network out whenever you have a chance!


Back in the Impact Zone, we’re taken backstage to an area with ‘The Prestigious One’ Joe Hendry, Grado and Katarina. Hendry has given Grado a free shirt and they celebrate until Eli Drake arrives. Drake, complimenting the trio for their camaraderie, has a gift for them and leaves. Grado, excited at the prospect of two gifts in one night, opens the gift, revealing a picture of Hendry fawning over Katarina. Hendry and Katarina instantly dismiss the picture as a joke and they both proceed to leave in order to throw the picture away as a confused Grado looks on.


Meanwhile, in another area, we’re taken to a discussion with KM & Fallah Bahh. KM reflects on the loss against the Desi Hit Squad last week and notes that Bahh needs to find a mean streak if he wants to be successful in Impact. They walk together, with KM stealing random items from by-passers along the way (this is pretty funny). KM wants to see his mean streak next week and is determined to work with him.


After this, we’re given a promo of Killer Kross, who describes himself in the background while recaps of all of his attacks and his matches play in the background. He says that he describes himself as an artist and that he answers to no one but the call of his apostles.  Still, it does present a chilling atmosphere and it’s still worth a watch.


We’re then taken over to a location where the OGz discuss the fallout of their match against L.A.X. at Slammiversary. They’re still holding onto the Impact Tag Team Championships, which they stole from L.A.X. after their loss. King discusses that he was disappointed in Konnan and L.A.X. for celebrating their victory in a battle but not winning the war. He also says that the OGz went in to do what they promised and that it was all Konnan’s fault that it all happened. Given that the titles are now tagged with spray-paint, he claims that makes the titles theirs now and that L.A.X. 5150 is dead and OGz 730 are here to stay.


Back from commercial break, we’re viewing things in an oVe camera-view, where a deranged Sami Callahan is staring in the mirror and degrading himself for letting Pentagon Jr. shave him bald. Sami is also sporting a sling for the broken arm he suffered after Pentagon’s Sacrifice ArmBreaker (thank goodness he’s selling that now). Jake and Dave Crist are trying to console him after his loss. As Sami drains the main vein, a fan does the same in a nearby urinal. Sami, as deranged as ever, assumed the man was staring at his head (turning to face him while peeing on his leg) and orders the Crists to attack him before they proceed to shave him bald.

After all of these segments, we’re finally taken back to the Impact Zone, where Josh Matthews and Don Callis recount and summarized all of the events that we just saw. Honestly, I actually really like how that all played out, mainly because it shows that Impact is using their time-slot to progress everyone else’s stories, rather than leaving them as afterthoughts, and especially capitalizing on the hype of the fallout after Slammiversary. Sure, it may have seemed a slight bit long-winded to have so much exposition in one shot but it’s better to have it presented this way instead of being a brief pause. It’s effective storytelling and it works very well in their favor, especially for long-term plans, but I digress. It’s time for our main event!

Main Event

Match 4: Cage (c) vs. Matt Sydal (X-Division Championship)

Matt Sydal has elected to utilize his rematch clause, challenging the new Impact X-Division Champion Brian Cage for his title immediately after he lost it at Slammiversary. Sydal looks the same as he did in Slammiversary and there are no signs of injuries at least. Cage, on the other hand, looks like he was inflated with helium before he came out. The man seriously looks massive and it’s a true testament to his bodybuilding discipline. There have been looming questions on what could’ve happened if Sydal didn’t clip his leg on the top rope and if he would’ve still won the match (If you recall, Cage had his foot up to force Sydal’s teeth up his gums if he hadn’t clipped his legs anyways, so the answer would have to be a hard no, just saying). Can Cage retain his newly-won championship and shut Matt Sydal’s Third Eye or will Sydal break the Machine down and reclaim the physical manifestation of the title that’s still retained in his Third Eye (Am I okay?)

Sydal immediately replicates what he did at the start of the last match, discussing and provoking his Third Eye. This time around, however, Sydal immediately goes on the offensive with a running knee strike, but he misses and snaps the turnbuckle, allowing himself to retain stability. Cage tries to take advantage with a corner splash but Sydal gets the foot up and catches Cage. Sydal attempts a crucifix-roll-up but ends up forcibly transitioning it into a cradle roll-up due to Cage’s massive frame. After failing to pin the champ, Sydal attempts to grapple Cage but he’s caught with an immediate European Uppercut, sending Sydal to the outside. Cage follows suit, attempting to back-suplex Sydal onto the apron, but Sydal manages to catch his footing onto the apron and grabs the rope to end up standing (while shaking off his knee, however, which is an injury that happened a few weeks back). He manages to kick Cage off and attempts to land a Meteora but Cage catches him mid-air and powerbombs him into the ring post, bringing us to a commercial break.


Back from the commercial break, we see that both men are in the ring and Cage has established full control, landing a corner clothesline onto Sydal. Sydal, however, manages to catch Cage with a spinning kick to send Cage to the entrance ramp and heads up top fast. As Cage staggers up, Sydal launches a Meteora, dropping Cage onto the ramp but at the cost of damage to his injured leg. Sydal takes Cage back into the ring and throws stiff kicks to drop Cage to the mat before locking in a Muta Lock to damage the legs of Cage. Cage slowly starts to fights back by pulling Sydal’s hands off but Sydal continues to maintain an advantage by grabbing at Cage’s hurt knee. As Cage is reeling in the corner, Sydal stuns him with a knee strike and lands a corner dropkick for a two-count.

Sydal picks Cage up but Cage shoves him off, catching Sydal with hurricanrana (there won’t ever be a day I’m not impressed at that) and following up with a violent clothesline and a pumphandle Samoan Drop for a two-count. The crowd claps ‘Terminator’ claps for Cage, but Sydal counters Cage’s attempted powerslam into a legdrop guillotine for a two-count. Sydal picks Cage up but is immediately tackled into the corner by Cage, who places Sydal up top. Sydal manages to catch Cage with a quick knee strike to stun Cage, causing him to lean forward as Sydal follows with a frog splash onto the back of Cage for a two-count. Sydal, reeling from that last splash, fires more kicks towards the knee of Cage, but Cage catches the leg after the third strike and lands a Dragon-Screw leg whip, dropping Sydal and allowing Cage to land a snap German-Release suplex, dropping Sydal on his stomach (but dangerously close to landing on his neck). Sydal ends up reeling on the ropes as a result and Cage follows up with a 619 (how even?!) for a two-count.

Cage 2

Cage picks up a prone Sydal and sets up for GMSI, shouting “Who’s getting their stuff in?”, but Sydal lands on his feet and quickly fires back with a head kick, retaliating “I am!” (that was pretty funny). Sydal attempts to nail his version of Delirious’ Chemical Imbalance finisher but Cage counters out and sets up for Drill Claw. Sydal, however, manages to reverse that into a snap-hurricanrana and cradles Cage for a two-count. Both men are exhausted and Sydal attempts to slide under Cage, but he’s muscled up into Cage’s F’n5 for a very close two-count. Cage looks to set up Drill Claw again but Sydal fires back with quick knee strikes and kicks before Cage nearly decapitates Sydal with one hell of a lariat. Cage immediately follows up with Drill Claw for the academic victory, retaining his title.

Winner: Brian Cage (Title Retained)

Analysis: This was another great match between the two, which makes sense as their styles clash well against each other. Those of you who read my Lucha Underground recaps know that I’ve done some extensive coverage on Cage in there as well (if you’re interested, feel free to check that out in my Lucha Underground recaps covering Cage’s battles there) but, basically, Cage is an anomaly of a wrestler. His frame and mass have him portrayed as an absolute powerhouse of a wrestler, yet he performs moves like a standard X-Division wrestler. This allows Cage to be able to adapt his style very well to suit his opponent. In this case, he has an amazing opponent in Matt Sydal, a wrestler who’s speed and agility allow him to easily quicken the pace without overtly losing his opponent. As a result, you have two wrestlers here who have good chemistry against each other. Granted, it wasn’t as good as their Slammiversary match but it was a great television match and that’s just as good too.

Full Show Analysis: This was definitely a great show from Impact Wrestling, capitalizing very well on the fallout from Slammiversary. We’ve got a new challenger for Aries’ title in Eddie Edwards and we got a few great matches in the process. The purpose of this show was solely to provide progression on some stories for Impact Wrestling and that’s okay for now. Impact will have to start building up towards Bound for Glory soon but they’re currently in a good area where they can slow things down a little bit and focus on story-building, which is how they were able to produce the stories for Slammiversary so well. Overall, this was definitely a show worth watching and I’m hyped for the next show!

That’ll do it for this show, Impact viewers! What did you all think of the show? Do you guys think it was able to encapsulate the fallout from Slammiversary well? Were there any good or bad moments to you? Feel free to let us know in the comments and tell us what you all think! That being said, I hope to see you all in the next review! Have a great night and take care!

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Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

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