IMPACT Wrestling is Back on TV and What this Means for Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling is Back on TV and What this Means for Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling is officially back! Though they technically never left, they were on the brink of extinction after their move off Pop TV to the Pursuit Channel and Twitch. However news just broke that, Anthem has partnered with Mark Cuban to bring IMPACT to AXS TV starting in October.  

With this news, wrestling is back. The NWA just announced that they are planning a weekly television series weeks ago. Now, there is a chance that by the end of the year, we might have wrestling every day of the week. Monday Night Raw on Monday, WWE NXT and AEW on Wednesday, Smackdown Live on Friday, and potentially IMPACT Wrestling and the NWA filling out the Tuesday and Thursday timeslots. We are in the midst of another wrestling boom period as for the first time, we will have four companies with major television deals potentially. AXS also carries New Japan Pro Wrestling and Women of Wrestling. 

If each company does well and gets the required amount of viewers, then there’s a chance more channels might want to join the wrestling bandwagon once again. This could open up doors for television deals for Ring of Honor and Major League Wrestling as well. This may be wishful thinking, but as a wrestling fan, there’s never been a reason to be happier than right now. 

Just in case you were tired of WWE’s antics, and you’re still skeptical of AEW, IMPACT Wrestling is the perfect alternative. Captained by stars like Moose, Sami Callihan, Brian Cage, Michael Elgin, Eddie Edwards and veterans like Rob Van Dam and Ken Shamrock, IMPACT brings a hard hitting and rough product reminiscent to the old ECW rather then the old TNA. If they start getting heavy viewership again, they’ll be able to keep their homegrown stars and that’s really all its about.

If this AXS deal could’ve happened a year ago and they were able to offer their talent more money, then they probably would’ve been able to keep guys like Eli Drake, Johnny Impact, Scarlett Bordeaux, and LAX. Regardless, this is a huge step in the right direction. Speaking of Drake, he’s looking to be a huge part in the renaissance of the NWA, as they move back to television, along with franchise cornerstone Nick Aldis and James Storm.

Look out everyone, WWE finally has competition again.

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