IIHF World Championship Groups and Schedule

IIHF World Championship Groups and Schedule

The 2019 IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) World Championship is scheduled to be hosted by Slovakia in the 2 cities of Bratislava and Košice. The World Championship will run May 10th through May 26th with 16 teams in the running and they will be split into two 8-team groups for the preliminary round. The top 4 teams in each group will make it to the knockout round, while the bottom team in each will be relegated for the 2020 IIHF World Championship. The only team that can not be relegated is the 2020 host, Switzerland.

Here are the groups and schedule for the World Championship.


Group A (Košice):


United States






Great Britain

Group B (Bratislava):



Czech Republic







May 10th

Finland vs Canada 10:15am

Russia vs Norway 10:15am

United States vs Slovakia 2:15pm

Czech Republic vs Sweden 2:15

May 11th

Denmark vs France 6:15am

Switzerland vs Italy 6:15am

Germany vs Great Britain 10:15am

Latvia vs Austria 10:15am

Slovakia vs Finland 2:15pm

Norway vs Czech Republic 2:15pm

May 12th

United States vs France 6:15am

Russia vs Austria 6:15am

Denmark vs Germany 10:15am

Italy vs Sweden 10:15am

Great Britain vs Canada 2:15pm

Latvia vs Switzerland 2:15pm

May 13th

United States vs Finland 10:15am

Russia vs Czech Republic 10:15am

Slovakia vs Canada 2:15pm

Norway vs Sweden 2:15pm

May 14th

Great Britain vs Denmark 10:15am

Italy vs Latvia 10:15am

Germany vs France 2:15pm

Switzerland vs Austria 2:15pm

May 15th

United States vs Great Britain 10:15am

Switzerland vs Norway 10:15am

Germany vs Slovakia 2:15pm

Russia vs Italy 2:15pm

May 16th

Canada vs France 10:15am

Sweden vs Austria 10:15am

Finland vs Denmark 2:15pm

Czech Republic vs Latvia 2:15pm

May 17th

France vs Slovakia 10:15am

Austria vs Norway 10:15am

Finland vs Great Britain 2:15pm

Czech Republic vs Italy 2:15pm

May 18th

Denmark vs United States 6:15am

Latvia vs Russia 6:15am

Canada vs Germany 10:15am

Italy vs Norway 10:15am

Great Britain vs Slovakia 2:15pm

Sweden vs Switzerland 2:15pm

May 19th

Germany vs United States 10:15am

Austria vs Czech Republic 10:15am

France vs Finland 2:15pm

Switzerland vs Russia 2:15pm

May 20th

France vs Great Britain 10:15am

Sweden vs Latvia 10:15am

Canada vs Denmark 2:15pm

Austria vs Italy 2:15pm

May 21st

Finland vs Germany 6:15am

Czech Republic vs Switzerland 6:15am

Slovakia vs Denmark 10:15am

Norway vs Latvia 10:15am

Canada vs United States 2:15pm

Sweden vs Russia 2:15pm

May 23rd (Quarterfinals)

A1 vs B4 (1) Time TBD

B2 vs A3 (2) Time TBD

B1 vs A4 (3) Time TBD

A2 vs B3 (4) Time TBD

May 25th (Semifinals)

1 vs 2 (A) Time TBD

3 vs 4 (B) Time TBD

May 26th (Medal Games)

Bronze Medal: A Loser vs B Loser 9:45am

Gold Medal A Winner vs B Loser 2:15pm

Rosters and my predictions will come at a later date.

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