House Jr. Kicked Out of NBA Bubble

House Jr. Kicked Out of NBA Bubble

Rockets forward Danuel House Jr. has been removed from the Bubble in Orlando by the League for violation of league rules. According to the NBA, he had an unauthorized guest visit him in his hotel room. House, who is married with Children has denied these allegations and says he is innocent. The rumors about why he was a late scratch for game 3 and was not playing game 4 were apparently true.

This story definitely has some interesting details, although not all of them have been confirmed. If any of it is true this is far from over. According to sources, the guest in question was a female coronavirus testing administrator, who entered the rockets team hotel in the early morning last Tuesday. She was flagged by security for her unauthorized entry later on after she had left. This is where the story gets a little weird. There is no video evidence that she ever made contact with any players or staff, including House, and all they have to go off of was the fact that around the same time she entered the hotel, House’s room door opened and shut. That’s all the evidence they have, which is circumstantial at best.

When they interviewed the woman in question she never implicated House in anyway and actually admitted to having contact with Tyson Chandler and another unnamed player. The League quickly cleared Chandler if any wrongdoing and started focusing on Daniel House Jr. They apparently felt they had enough evidence, because he has been sent home and will not be allowed to participate in any more games this season.

This whole thing raises a few questions. How is there no video evidence in one of the most secure places in the country right now and of all places Disney World? Why was House sent home but not Chandler when the woman admitted that it was Chandler and another player that wasn’t Danuel House Jr.? And who is the other unnamed player she claimed to have contact with? Of course social media and the conspiracy theorist came in strong like always claiming it was everyone from Lebron James to James Harden. Some even went as far as to say the League wants to make sure the Rockets don’t win their series against the Lakers. Of course these baseless claims are ludicrous but it does make for a fun story.

This is a bad look for the League if, as many GM’s reportedly feel, that this is far from an isolated incident. Especially since it has been over three weeks since their has been an update on coronavirus test results after weekly updates until that point. The Bubble has been considered a huge success for the NBA up to this point, but things may not be what they seem in the happiest place on Earth.

Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle/AP

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