History Was Made in Game 2, Did You Catch It?

History Was Made in Game 2, Did You Catch It?

42-year-old Fernando Rodney entered Game 2 of the World Series, in the Seventh Inning, out of the bullpen for the Washington Nationals. In doing so he made history, here’s how.

Fernando Rodney became the fourth player to ever play in every stage of the Postseason for both the American League and National League, according the FanGraphs. This includes the Wild Card, Division Series, League Championship Series, and the World Series. He will be joining company with Jon Lester, Ben Zobrist, and Carlos Beltrán. What’s even more special about this unique accolade is the fact that the last time Rodney appeared in the Fall Classic was 2006 when he was a member of the Detroit Tigers. The same 2006 Tigers team that Justin Verlander was on, who watched Rodney take the mound from the opposing dugout as he is now with the Houston Astros.

But how does one go about playing in every postseason stage for both Leagues? Well lucky for you FanGraphs has that answer as well.

It started in 2006 with the Detroit Tigers. He was in the ALCS with them, then they went on to the World Series. Sticking with the American League side in 2013, when he played for the Tampa Bay Rays, he was involved in the AL Wildcard game and the ALDS. Finishing up the requirements on that side.

On the National League Side he completed the Wild Card and NLDS requirements with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2017, even though he had already participated in the NLDS in 2015 with the Chicago Cubs. Then for the NLCS and World Series he completes the NLCS twice, once with the Cubs in 2015, and this year in 2019 with the Nationals, rounding out the World Series and that Nationals are currently up 2-0 on the Astros at the time of writing.

Despite all of these appearances and this unique recognition, Rodney has yet to win the coveted World Series and obtain a ring. Though as mentioned, with the Nationals seemingly having a strong control of the series – despite only being up 2-0, it’s possible this could be the year. The last active player to be born in the 1970’s, still doing what he loves and earning weird accolades.

What other weird stats do you know about? Let us know down below!

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Photo Credit: Brad Rempel – USA Today Sports

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