Harper Frustrated as Nationals’ Woes Continue

Harper Frustrated as Nationals’ Woes Continue

The Washington Nationals have not been in the best of conditions this season, as they are hurting with the loss of three players, in Anthony Rendon, Daniel Murphy and Adam Eaton.

Recently, news has come forth that Rendon and Murphy may return to the club soon, even though they have not officially been assigned a rehab stint. While the club will greatly benefit from just those two alone being back in the lineup, no one is happier than right fielder Bryce Harper.

Harper stated in a post-game interview, “it’s huge. . . we’re 13-16 with the Syracuse Sky Chiefs.” Comparing his professional team to a minor league affiliate is not necessarily high praise from any player. Although, the all-star is not that far in left field with this statement.


This season the club has relied on Pedro Severino, Moises Sierra, Wilmer Difo, and Brian Goodwin to get the job done, which is not their usual lineup when the team is healthy. Harper has also been targeted by teams and walked 38 times in the past 29 games, since he appears as the only threat throughout the lineup with the injuries that the Nationals have sustained. The 25-year old is clearly frustrated with the approach teams are taking, stating, “I’m 25-years old, I want to hit,” in that same post-game interview.

Harper is not the only one questioning his team at this point in the season, as Stephen Strasburg questioned the effort the guys are showing after their loss on Friday.

Hopefully things start looking up for the Nationals, otherwise things could get out of hand. With Harper in a contract-season, the team is not making a good case as to why he should stay.


Picture Credit: grantland.com; ftw.usatoday.com

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