Green Bay and Minnesota Grudge Match ends in Tie

Green Bay and Minnesota Grudge Match ends in Tie


Vikings fans have to be upset with the result of this weeks game. As do Packer fans. For the first time since 1997, the NFL has had a tie in back to back weeks. The Steelers and the Browns fought to a tie in Week 1, and this week that luxury was given to the Vikings and the Packers. Both teams had missed field goals in overtime, Kirk Cousins showed more of why he is deserving of his fully guaranteed contract by tossing 4 TDs to only 1 INT. Rodgers played as good as anyone would with how limited he was mobility wise. He finished with 1 TD and no turnovers. The NFC is looking to be as tough as it was last year, if not tougher, with surprise teams like the Bucs looking strong in the first two weeks of the season, but it is still early. Much can change in the coming weeks, but I feel we will be seeing both of these teams playing some nice football all the way into January.

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