Goodbye Globe Life Park

Goodbye Globe Life Park

Nostalgia is a powerful force.

At one moment our minds are content with the present and look forward to the future. We move to a new city and tell ourselves, “I’m done with the old, it only drags me down.” Everything in our little bubble of reality can be moving forward and utopia-like in every way with nothing short of personal euphoria, happiness and excitement for what the future has planned. But, then it happens. On your ride home from work one night, it’s getting dark and your ready to celebrate because it’s Friday.

You turn on the radio and as a song finishes and a new one begins, you hear that infamous chord. The chord that starts the most impactful, jubilant, badass song from your prime years. This song got you through breakups and fights. It was there for you when you won the homecoming football game, or when Jimmy finally scored that girls number and the boys had to go celebrate. The song finishes. Tears are coming down ever so slowly and you wish you could have those days back. Everything you’ve been working for to obtain this mental state you are currently in, is temporarily on hold. Nostalgia has overtaken you, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Texas Rangers fans of a certain generation, will undoubtedly go through a period of withdrawal and relapses. They will be excited about the new stadium, however, will find themselves missing the memories made at Globe Life Park.

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Located in Arlington Texas, Globe Life Park has faithfully served the Texas Rangers and its fans since it construction completion in 1994. Before 1994 and during the time of the old Arlington Stadium, the Texas Rangers could not compete with the high earning teams because they couldn’t produce the revenue due to inefficiencies with the stadium. However, when Globe Life came into existence, a Texas fan base that had been waiting to spring into action had the proper stadium it deserved.

The crazy part about all of this, is the fact the Texas Rangers might not even exist without Globe Life. Ownership had been really struggling financially and was strongly considering moving to St. Petersburg Florida. However, ownership wisely decided not to and later would find out that their decision was the best decision the organization has ever made. As the great Michael Scott once said in the comedy series The Office, “Oh how the turntables.” All jokes aside, the Texas Rangers made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history in 1996. However, they lost to a Yankees team that went on to win the World Series. Arlington and Texas fans all around finally had hope and excitement that was long overdue for these great fans. Simply put, a new era had begun in Texas.

The new and improved Texas Rangers quickly became a relevant contender, but unfortunately hit a road block in the likes of the late 1990s New York Yankees, who became one of the best dynasties of all time. They lost to them three straight years in the divisional round, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was the spark that lit this new modern Rangers team and that spark came in the name of Globe Life Park.

In 2002, Globe Life Park was featured in the Hollywood Classic, “The Rookie”, starring Dennis Quaid. If you’re a baseball fan, and haven’t seen this, I highly recommend it. The stadium in the movie is a beacon of hope. Based on a true story, the boy in the movie grew up and never acted on his dream to play Major League Baseball. However at age 39, he decides he’s going to give baseball one last shot. He goes on to make the big leagues, and his first appearance as a reliever is in front of his home state at Globe Life Park. The scene was just magical and as a baseball fan you never forget scenes like that. The crazy part about this scene, and this movie, is it’s true. It actually happened to a pitcher named Jim Morris in 1999. These were the type of memories this ballpark created. A ballpark unique, and unlike no other.

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Maybe one of the most polarizing Rangers of all time is Designated Hitter, Nelson Cruz. During the 2011 ALCS, Nelson Cruz took his play to another level and set Globe Life Park into a frenzy that will be remembered forever as one of the great moments in the stadiums history. Tied 3-3 in the bottom of the eleventh with no outs and the bases loaded, Nelson Cruz came up to the plate. If the Rangers were going to win this game, he was their best chance. On the second pitch of the at-bat, Cruz took a hack for the ages and pulled one four feet foul! However, a couple pitches later Cruz made sure this time that he kept the ball in play and fired off a moonshot for the ages into the left field bleachers that put the Rangers up 2-0 in the series. The crowd was so loud the cameras were shaking and the atmosphere sent chills down your spine. Unforgettable.

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A Ranger great that needs no introduction is Adrian Beltre. When he hit his 3000th hit, he was able to do it in front of the home fans at Globe Life Park. In doing so, he became the first Dominican Born player to reach the milestone. There were so many more memorable events that happened here including Kenny Rogers perfect game, winning the pennant in 2010, or the Dellucci double.

The Rangers will play against the Yankees and Red Sox to finish their 25 year tenure here. Located right across the street, the Globe Life Park 2 will have a retractable roof, artificial turf, and 10,000 fewer seats for intimacy. The Park will also have much needed air conditioning. The real question nonetheless is can this new stadium be able to harness the Texas spirit like the current Globe Life Park? We will see. One things for sure, the memories will never be forgotten. Be nostalgic Texas, but look forward to the opening of a new chapter.

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