Goldy Returns to Chase Field

Goldy Returns to Chase Field

Monday night was a heartfelt one at Chase Field as Paul Goldschmidt returned for the first time since being traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. Fans welcomed the slugger and former gold glove recipient with open arms as was expected. The Diamondbacks organization honored Goldy with a 3 minute video tribute just before the start of the game, many fans were clearly moved by the tribute as they were left reminiscing the good times when Goldy was still a D-Back. Goldy watched the jumbotron as the video played, clearly happy as he smiled majority of the time while the video played. At the end of the video Goldy took off his cap and gave a curtain call to the fans that showed him so much love and appreciation over the past 8 years.

In Goldschmidt’s first at bat he was walked, after the walk the Diamondbacks crowd which was also filled with St. Louis Cardinals fans gave Goldy a standing ovation. In his second at bat, magic happened as Goldy crushed a Homerun to right center field and the crowd went absolutely wild chanting Goldy, Goldy, Goldy! It was truly a thing of beauty to see a fan base cheer an opposing teams player after he had just hit a homerun against them, it was bizarre but at the same time much needed closure for this fan base in Arizona. The home run also happened to be Goldschmidt’s 100th career bomb at Chase Field. The St. Louis Cardinals ended up winning the game 9-7 and with the win they officially eliminated the Diamondbacks from postseason eligibility. Ironic huh?

When all was said and done for the night, Diamondbacks fans weren’t even really focusing on the fact that their team had just been eliminated from the possibility of going to the postseason, but instead were still buzzing about their former face of the franchise returning “Home” for the first time. This truly is the beauty of baseball and the magic that is the MLB, when a single player can have such a profound effect on a single fan base, it truly is mesmerizing!

Goldschmidt spent his first 8 years in the Majors with the Diamondbacks, and quickly became the face of the franchise. At the end of the game media caught up with him and asked his thoughts on returning to Chase Field for the first time as well as the tribute the Diamondbacks put together for him:

“Coming in, it’s all what you make of it,” Goldschmidt explained. “For me it was just another game. I’m appreciative of all the fans that came out and cheered me on, standing ovation and all that. I just didn’t want to make too big of a deal out of it.”

“I was very appreciative of the time it took for the Diamondbacks to make that. And even that they thought about doing that. It was totally unnecessary and just kind of shows the type of organization they are. It was great and, like I said, I was very appreciative.”

Humble and kind as always, and in the heart of Diamondbacks fan’s Goldy will always be just that, A Diamondback!

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Photo Credit: Arizona Diamondbacks/Twitter

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