Goal or No Goal?

Goal or No Goal?

In an important late season game, the Florida Panthers were able to keep their playoff hopes alive with a last second controversial goaltender interference call.

The first place Nashville Predators traveled to take on the Panthers last night in hopes of yet another win.

However, finding themselves down 2-0 late in the third, Nashville had to dig deep.

Captain Roman Josi was able to make it 2-1 with his back hand goal, and with a late surge, the Predators looked to be able to tie the game.

In the final few seconds of the game Josi put a shot on net that appeared to be covered by Florida Goalie Roberto Luongo, then the puck became free again and was put in the net by Filip Forsberg with .3 seconds left on the clock.

However, after a review by Hockey Operations in Toronto, it was ruled to be no goal on the play due to goaltender interference by Viktor Arvidsson, who moved Luongo’s pad when the puck was underneath Luongo, causing the puck to become free.

I do not understand this call.

How can there be goaltender interference when the puck is under the goalie?

The Panthers won the game 2-1 and kept their playoff hopes alive, as they are 4 points behind Philadelphia for the second wild card spot.

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  1. I was pretty sure that there was a rule that said if you on purpose move the goalie to loosen the puck or put it in the net, that it would be goalie interference….

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