GCSN WWE Raw Recap (January 11th, 2021)

GCSN WWE Raw Recap (January 11th, 2021)

Welcome to the 11th of January, and another recap of what went down on Monday Night Raw! Already announced for the show is the return of Triple H, who will make some sort of announcement. Will we see the fallout after last week’s WWE Championship match between Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre? Will there be repercussions for Randy Orton’s actions last week with the legends?

Before we get to the recap, unfortunately Drew McIntyre will not be present in person on Monday Night Raw. It was announced early in the day that McIntyre had tested positive for COVID-19, and will be out for an undetermined amount of time. We all here at the Game Changer Sports Network wish a speedy recovery for the current WWE Champion!

Triple H walks to the ring by the familiar “King of Kings” theme by Motorhead. Before he even speaks more than a sentence, Randy Orton interrupts “The Game.” Triple H claims that he was proud of what Randy Orton has become, including impressed by Randy Orton lighting The Fiend on fire. Triple H, however, was not impressed with Randy Orton’s actions towards the legends last week, as well as the violent beatings he gave various legends over the summer. Orton then challenges Triple H to a match. In response, Triple H says no, as competing has no benefit to him. Orton then references “Triple H’s ba**s in his wife’s purse, which resulted in Orton eating a right hand by The Game. The segment ends with speculation that the two will or won’t have a match.

Lacey Evans defeats Charlotte Flair
Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring half way through the match, and despite his daughters request to stay out of her matches, he interferes. This time, he blatantly costs his daughter the win after tripping up Charlotte and holding her foot down as Lacey Evans pins her. Both Ric Flair and Evans celebrate together on the entrance ramp as Charlotte looks on with a look of anger and confusion. It seems like they are doing a Lacey Evans and Ric Flair love interest story, which I don’t think I’m personally ready for.

Jaxson Ryker defeats Jeff Hardy
The original match was supposed to be Hardy versus Elias, but due to a “injury” creating music, Elias cannot wrestle. This one was super quick, as Elias distracts Hardy while Ryker rolls him up for the win. Post match, Hardy challenges Elias, claiming that Elias is scared that Ryker could be better than him. Elias accepts, and we have the match we were originally supposed to have. Before the commercial, Elias tells Ryker to not interfere, and to not help him. The message was delivered in a sarcastic manner, implying Ryker would interfere.

Jeff Hardy defeats Elias
This match lasted much longer then the first, as both Hardy and Elias were able to get plenty of offense against one another. In the end, Hardy defeats Elias with the Twist of Fate followed up by the Swanton Bomb. Elias is confused after the match, wondering why Ryker didn’t interfere. Ryker responded with, “you told me not to!”

Keith Lee and Sheamus defeat John Morrison and The Miz
The story line leading up to this one is the newfound respect Sheamus has for Keith Lee after his WWE Championship match last weekend with Drew McIntyre. This match featured a lot of power moves delivered by the big men. A strange spot in the match occurred when Keith Lee ran full speed at John Morrison who was against a turnbuckle. Lee’s shoulder block hit Morrison so hard that the turnbuckle broke! Lee and Sheamus would pick up the win, after Lee set up for the finish and Sheamus stole the tag, hit a Brogue Kick and pinned Morrison for the 1, 2, 3.

During the commercial, it was revealed that Triple H will indeed fight Randy Orton tonight!

Keith Lee defeats Sheamus
When we went to commercial, Lee and Sheamus were celebrating their win. When we return, they are in a match and angry at each other? Yeah, I am confused too. More power versus power moves for both men, with Lee picking up the win with the Spirit Bomb. After the match, the two embrace in the ring, seemingly ending their issues.

T-Bar (of Retribution) defeats Xavier Woods
Woods is alone tonight, as the RAW commentary team reveals that Kofi Kingston is out of action due to a broken jaw suffered last week. T-Bar controls most of the match with numerous power moves, including a very hard clothesline even JBL would be proud of. Woods gains some momentum after a long period of domination by T-Bar, but the momentum is interrupted as Retribution interferes. T-Bar hits the knee to the face for the victory.

WWE United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley defeats Riddle
Bobby Lashley attacked Riddle before the bell rings and does significant damage to Riddle, including busting open Riddle on his mouth. Despite a comeback, Riddle could not overcome the pre-match beating, as Lashley would win with the Hurt Lock, submitting Riddle. After the match, Riddle grabs a microphone and states that even though he couldn’t beat Lashley, he certainly could beat MVP. Back from a commercial, and Riddle is in a match with MVP. Shortly after its start, the match is over, as Lashley interferes on behalf of MVP. Riddle picks up the DQ win.

AJ Styles (with Amos) defeats Drew Gulak
A spot in the Royal Rumble is on the line in this one. Gulak gets very little offense in throughout the match, while Amos towers at ringside. Again, Amos doesn’t physically get involved, but his mere presence at ringside is enough to distract Gulak while he’s on the outside. Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm for the victory.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax defeat Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke
The heels dominate this match, with Rose and Brooke getting in little offense. The end comes when Jax is poised to win for her team, but Baszler tags herself in to chock out Mandy Rose. Both Baszler and Jax tease the breakup of their team, but celebrate the win after the match.

Triple H and Randy Orton Fight
Triple H makes his way to the ring, followed by Randy Orton. Orton was hesitant to get into the ring at first, but once he does, the two start to go at it. The fight spills to the outside, where Orton is busted open on his left cheek after Triple H throws him into the steel steps. Once Triple H throws Orton into the ring, he goes for his trademark sledgehammer. As Triple H walks up the ring steps, part of the lights go out in the Thunderdome. Triple H enters the ring, and a second set of lights go out. Out of nowhere, the sledgehammer is no on fire! The last of the lights go out, and when they come back up, Triple H is gone. Behind Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss stands in the corner. She has an angry look on her face. Bliss puts her left hand up to her chin, and with her right hand throws a ball of fire at Randy Orton! Orton screams in pain, as Raw goes off the air.


So much to choose from here, but I’m choosing the, hopefully, imminent break up of the team of Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. The dominant appeal of Baszler on the main roster was lost as soon as she was portrayed as just another woman on the roster. She is no longer a credible threat to any of the women’s singles championships in WWE right now. I say right now, because now WWE has a chance to right that wrong. If they continue with the whole break up of the team story line, there’s one thing that needs to happen. Baszler needs to destroy Nia Jax to regain her dominant appearance she had. That Shayna Baszler ran rough-shot all over NXT, leading to her becoming one of the best NXT Women’s Champions in the brands history. With Charlotte Flair back, as well as Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, having a heel and destructive Shayna Baszler as a viable contender would spice up the women’s division on Raw. WWE, please do this.


It seems as though the story line between Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans is going towards having Ric Flair involved. Both of the Flairs have been involved in story lines before in one way or another. However, I have a problem where this one is going. Ric Flair is 71 years old, while Lacey Evans is 30. That is a 41 year difference in age between the two. Ric Flair has never been one to avoid referring to his “encounters” with women over his illustrious career. However, I think this story has been played out before, and just doesn’t fit in the current landscape of the world. WWE is constantly trying to connect with a new audience, but they continue to put together story lines with questionable content. This one just leaves a bad taste in my mouth that won’t go away.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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