GCSN WWE Monday Night Raw Recap (January 18th, 2021)

GCSN WWE Monday Night Raw Recap (January 18th, 2021)

Last week, we were left with a huge cliffhanger. What is Randy Orton’s condition? What will his response be, and how will her recover? All of that will be answered tonight, in this week’s episode of the Game Changer Sports Network’s WWE Monday Night Raw Recap!

This week’s show starts off with a promo cut by Randy Orton, who is sporting a mask after last week’s interaction with Alexa Bliss. Bliss threw a fireball at Orton’s face, causing him to need to wear the mask to cover up the wounds. Orton states that he had his next victim last week in HHH, but Bliss stopped that. His compassion for Bliss, was a fireball to his face, and he can’t handle that he had this moment of weakness. Orton blames the Fiend for all of this, not Alexa, as he believes Bliss was only the messenger, not the mastermind. He then turns his promo towards the Royal Rumble, as he claims the entire locker room enjoyed what happened last week as their biggest threat was almost prevented from competing. Orton confirms he will still be in the Rumble, which he says he will win, and ruin everyone’s dreams. He then lights a match, and blows it out as we then fade to black.

A quick interview with Ric Flair and Lacey Evans, in which Charly Caruso asks about their relationship. “There’s a reason Flair is called the dirtiest player in the game,” stated Evans. She then states she and Flair will be at ringside for her “tag team partners” match against Charlotte Flair as she takes on Peyton Royce. Yikes, with a capital Y.

Charlotte Flair defeats Peyton Royce
Even a mid match distraction by Ric Flair and Lacey Evans, in which Evans was wearing one of Ric Flair’s robes, was enough for Royce to get the win. Flair wins with the Figure 8 in a really decent match between the two. After the bell, Flair refuses to release the submission hold, sending a message to not only her father, but Lacey Evans as well!

In another backstage promo, Bobby Lashley stomps on Riddle’s foot, and Riddle says he’s going to shove his foot up his…..you know.

Another video promo, this time by Mustafa Ali. He addresses Kofi Kingston, who is out with a jaw injury. Ali claims hes going to destroy the remnants of the New Day, by first destroying his new day teammate Xavier Woods. He also states that he hopes Kofi misses the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania, just like he did in 2019.

Mace (with Retribution) defeats Xavier Woods
Woods gets in a cheap shot before the bell, but that’s about all of the offense we see from Xavier Woods early on. We haven’t seen much from Mace on the solo side, and that was showcased tonight. Lots of power moves, including a chokeslam and a twisting side slam that was slightly botched sealed the win for Mace. After the match, Retribution stands tall over Xavier Woods, as Ali states, “tell Kofi says Retribution says, get well soon!”

We then get a video promo about Wrestlemania 37, 38 and 39. This year’s Wrestlemania will take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, while AT&T stadium will host Wrestlemania 38. Wrestlemania 39 will take place in Los Angeles, California at SoFi Stadium. The news was given by Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Sasha Banks and John Cena.

Alexa’s Playground with Asuka
Bliss addressed Randy Orton, by telling him she can help with suggestions on sunblock. She then introduces Asuka, who makes her way to the ring. Asuka is clearly freaked out by presence of Alexa Bliss. Bliss keeps addressing the empty swing, by talking to it, as a person was sitting there. She then tells Asuka she is entering the Royal Rumble match. Asuka says it would be an honor to wrestle her at Wrestlemania, and that she is a big fan. Asuka then says, “Owie Wowie,” which Bliss did not like. Asuka then asks if Bliss wants to dance, and Asuka’s music starts to play. Bliss screams “stop it!” She keeps addressing the Fiend as if he is there, apologizing for not doing things right and that he should still be here. Asuka says that its OK, and that the Fiend is still here, which infuriates Bliss. Bliss demands that Asuka does not say his name, but then a smile comes over her face as she looks past the camera. We pan out to see the rocking chair in the ring, rocking on its own. Asuka freaks out and leaves.

Shayna Baszler (with Nia Jax) defeats Mandy Rose (with Dana Brooke)
Nia Jax joins the commentary table for this match, as Baslzer faces Rose after defeating her tag team partner Dana Brooke last week. In a quick match between the two which saw Rose get at least some offense in on Baszler, the match ends with Baszler locking in the Kirifuda Clutch, which Rose taps out to. After the match, dissension is teased between Baszler and Jax as both argue with each other. Dana Brooke makes her presence felt, taking out both Baszler and Jax.

Another backstage interview, this time, with Charlotte Flair. Flair says she has been critizied her entire career for riding the coattails of her father. Now, we have someone doing just that, in Lacey Evans. Flair says she would rethink he tactics, as Flair states that Lacey Evans will never take her crown.

AJ Styles (with Amos) defeats Ricochet
Lots of back and forth between the two, as Styles repeatedly hit big moves on Ricochet. Ricochet kept in the fight, and hit the Recoil (Codebreaker) on Styles for a two count. Ricochet went for a springboard move on Styles, but Styles caught him, suplexing Ricochet on the top rope. This bounced Ricochet into the Styles Clash, which finished off this wonderful match! Amos was at ringside, and you could hear him talking, and encouraging Styles the entire match.

The Dirt Sheet featuring Goldberg
The Miz and John Morrison introduce Goldberg, who turns out to be Gillberg. Gillberg then says he’s been smashing his head against walls, preparing for the match. Drew McIntyre’s music hits, and its not McIntyre, it’s some dude dressed as him. The two have a back and forth, but it breaks down. Miz and Morrison argue with each other, as Gillberg just walks around the ring doing weird things. Miz and Morrison get on the same page, and state that both will lose at the Royal Rumble, as the Miz states hes cashing in his MITB contract at the Rumble!

The Hurt Business (Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander) defeat Riddle and the Lucha House Party
The break up of the Hurt Business continues to be teased, which was the case the entire match. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander could not stop trying to one up each other, which enraged both MVP and Bobby Lashley. Finally, after he had seen enough, Lashley tags into the match and hits Gran Metalik with a huge spear and then locks him into the Hurt Lock, ending the match. After the bell rings, Alexander and Benjamin continue to argue, as Riddle gets in a cheap shot kick to Lashley.

Jeff Hardy defeats Jaxson Ryker (with Elias) by DQ
After last week, the duo of Ryker and Elias were not on the same page. It seems tonight, as that has continued, as Elias hit Hardy during the match causing the disqualification. As the two argue over the finish, Jeff Hardy takes a shot at Elias, knocking him into the barricade. In the ring, Ryker reverses a series of move by Hardy and drops him with a spinning slam. Elias and Ryker stand tall after the match.

Alexa Bliss defeats Raw Women’s Champion Asuka (non title match)
Our main event begins with a back and forth between both Bliss and Asuka, but over time, Asuka gains the advantage. On the outside, Bliss rolls back into the ring and begins to smile as the lights begin to dim, but this time, the noises are different, as we go to commercial. When we come back, Bliss is in the ring, but her ring gear is different. There’s a lot more black in her outfit, with black lipstick included as well. Asuka seems very reluctant to restart the match, but she begins. Every shot Asuka dishes out, Bliss either blocks or counters, until she knocks Asuka to the outside. Asuka gets a huge shot in, but Bliss returns to the turnbuckle, doing the Fiend pose in the corner which stops Asuka. Asuka resumes her offense, but it is again stopped by Bliss, who seems just void of emotion this entire time. Asuka eats a right hand from Bliss for a two count. Bliss then takes multiple hard kicks, which does nothing to her. Bliss then hits the Sister Abigal for the win, still void of any emotion whatsoever. When we cut back to the ring, Bliss is back in her normal attire. She smiles and celebrates her win, but her expression changes. She then says the words, “Let me in,” but the Fiend’s voice is heard.

THE BAD: Ricochet (and it’s not his fault!)

WWE does not know what to do with talented wrestlers anymore. Ricochet is fantastic between the ropes, which he continues to show week in and week out. What’s even more frustrating is that most WWE fans KNOW what kind of talent he is, WWE just doesn’t book him in story lines to build his character into something more than just mid carder. Sure, he took a clean loss to AJ Styles, who is building towards hopefully something big for Wrestlemania, but WWE has clearly dropped the ball on Ricochet. The guy does everything, incredibly well. He has some of the best high flying skills in the entire company, yet WWE won’t build him into a star. He’s almost better off just leaving the company altogether and starting fresh somewhere else.

THE GOOD: Alexa Bliss

WOW! What a main event! Just watch it, if you haven’t seen it. Just go, right now, and watch it. I’ll wait…..

Wasn’t that something? I think we have a glimpse at our future Raw Women’s Champion if I am not mistaken. Every week, the story of The Fiend and Alexa Bliss gets more and more complex. Honestly, it’s one of the best things in WWE going right now, and it’s only going to get better and better, so we all hope!

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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