GCSN WWE 2K20 Universe Mode

GCSN WWE 2K20 Universe Mode

GCSN would like to announce the start of a Universe Mode story using WWE 2K20! Each post will contain a week of shows that follows the real WWE schedule; Monday is Raw, Wednesday is NXT, and Friday is SmackDown. The PPV’s at the end of each month will be it’s own post and will have in depth details about the PPV matches.

The Universe Mode started after WrestleMania 36, and the Champions that walked out of WrestleMania with titles are the same in 2K20. However, the rosters for Raw and SmackDown have been randomly drawn, besides the Champions. The NXT roster has remained the same as it is in real life, however 205 Live is no more. The NXT Cruiserweight Championship will be defended on NXT and the wrestlers that were on 205 Live are now apart of the NXT roster.

We hope you enjoy what this Universe Mode has to offer! You can go to https://gcsn-wwe-2k20-universe-mode.fandom.com/wiki/GCSN_WWE_2K20_Universe_Mode_Wiki and get all up to date information on the universe mode like current champions, rosters, and wrestlers records during the simulation.

Featured Photo: Matthew Boyce | GCSN

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