GCSN WWE 2K20 Universe Mode: May, Week 4

GCSN WWE 2K20 Universe Mode: May, Week 4

Previous Episode: Money in the Bank PPV (May, Week 3)
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Michael Cole: “Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Last night at Money in the Bank during the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, with Aleister Black and Shelton Benjamin fighting atop the ladder for the briefcase, something very strange happened where all the lights in the arena went out. When the lights came back on, Shelton was laying on the mat, and Aleister Black was alone on the ladder, giving him an easy path to the briefcase. Nobody, including Black knows exactly what happened, but either way, Aleister Black is Mr. Money in the Bank and he kicks off our show tonight!”
Opening Promo
Mr. Money in the Bank Aleister Black came to the ring to speak on what happened last night. He said he has absolutely no idea what it was that caused the lights to go out, and he would never want to win like that. As he went on, he was interrupted by Baron Corbin. Corbin said it’s a shame that Black was even in the match to begin with, but then he went on to win by having somebody turn out the lights and probably have somebody knock Shelton off the ladder. Before Black could talk, Corbin cut him off and told him he was going to get the beating of a lifetime right now.
Match 1
Baron Corbin vs. Mr. Money in the Bank Aleister Black

Aleister Black def. Baron Corbin
Match 2
Apollo Crews vs. Randy Orton
Randy Orton def. Apollo Crews
Match 3
Dana Brooke vs. Ruby Riott
Ruby Riott def. Dana Brooke
Mid-Card Promo
Backstage, Charly Caruso asked Kevin Owens just why he attacked WWE Champion Drew McIntyre last week. Owens said he had every intention of being a partner for Drew, and that’s what he did. But after the win, Owens said he got a glimpse of his future, with the WWE Championship. Owens said he held the NXT title, the Universal title, the US title, and the IC title, but never the WWE Championship. Owens said he doesn’t care about AJ Styles and The OC, because he is next in line for a WWE Championship shot.
Match 4
AOP vs. Raw Tag Team Champions Street Profits
The Street Profits def. AOP
Main Event
AJ Styles (w/The OC) vs. Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens def. AJ Styles
During their match, Gallows and Anderson attempted to get involved, but the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre ran down and gave Claymores to both of them. Owens looked at McIntyre confused, but Drew just gave a tip of the cap and left to the back.
Michael Cole: “I gotta be honest, I was quite surprised that McIntyre didn’t return the favor to Owens for his attack last night, and I’m sure Owens is kind of surprised as well. But either way, Owens defeated AJ Styles, and it seems he definitely wants a shot at that WWE Championship!”

Mauro Ranallo: “Full Sail University is live and ready for this week of NXT! A few nights ago at the Money in the Bank PPV, we crowned a new NXT Cruiserweight Champion in Brian Kendrick! Last week on NXT we saw the Undisputed Era return and ruin a great match between Velveteen Dream and NXT North American Champion Keith Lee after they beat up both men! After that, NXT GM William Regal has made our main event tonight, a Champion vs. Champion match where NXT North American Champion Keith Lee will go up against NXT Champion Adam Cole, and the Undisputed Era is banned from ringside!
Match 1
Kassius Ohno vs. Kushida

Kushida def. Kassius Ohno
Match 2
Breezango vs. The Forgotten Sons (w/Wesley Blake)

Breezango def. The Forgotten Sons
Mid-Card Promo
NXT Tag Team Champion Pete Dunne came to the ring without his tag partner Matt Riddle. Dunne said he and Riddle may be polar opposites, but they did something that many people have tried to do, but couldn’t. Dunne reminded everybody that he has history with Trent Seven and Tyler Bate, but said he is focused on defending and holding the NXT Tag Team titles for as long as they could. Seven and Bate interrupted Dunne, and told him that what he’s doing isn’t him, and he’s being brainwashed by Riddle, and all the NXT fans. Moustache Mountain told Dunne that one day he’ll realize where he truly belongs.
Match 3
Dominik Dijakovic vs. Shane Thorne
Dominik Dijakovic def. Shane Thorne
Match 4
Maria Kanellis vs. NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair

Maria Kanellis def. Charlotte Flair
During the match, Toni Storm and Dakota Kai surrounded the ring and distracted Charlotte, giving Maria the opportunity for the roll-up victory.
Mid-Card Promo
After Charlotte Flair’s win, NXT GM William Regal came up on screen and told Charlotte that since she thinks she’s better than everybody on the roster and feels she can go around attacking anybody she pleases, next week on NXT, Dakota Kai and Toni Storm will go one on one, and the winner will face Charlotte Flair for the NXT Women’s Championship. Kai and Storm seemed to get ready to attack Charlotte after the announcement, but Regal said if they did, the match would be called off.
Main Event
NXT Champion Adam Cole vs. NXT North American Champion Keith Lee

Adam Cole def. Keith Lee
After the main event, with Lee recovering from his defeat, his opponent from last week, Velveteen Dream came down to the ring and helped him up. Dream then picked up the North American title, stared it at and gave it to Lee, before leaving the ring smiling.

Corey Graves: “The WWE Universe is roaring tonight in St. Louis and they are ready for Friday Night SmackDown! At the Money in the Bank PPV last Sunday, we saw SmackDown’s very own Ember Moon win the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, and she now gets a title opportunity where ever and whenever she wants! The men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match was won by Aleister Black over on Raw, and tonight, we will see a triple threat match between the 3 SmackDown competitors in that match! The winner of that match will face the Universal Champion Braun Strowman at Backlash!
Match 1
Matt Hardy vs. Sheamus

Sheamus def. Matt Hardy
Match 2
SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Mickie James

Bayley def. Mickie James
Mid-Card Promo
After he win, the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley grabbed a microphone and complained about her loss two weeks ago to Naomi. Bayley said that she has no idea what she did to Shayna Baszler to cause her to hate her so much, but she is not scared and she is not backing down. Bayley was then interrupted by Ms. Money in the Bank Ember Moon. Ember reminded Bayley that it isn’t just Shayna Bayley has to worry about, because Ember can take that title whenever she pleases. Ember told Bayley to watch her back, before leaving.
Miz and Morrison vs. The Viking Raiders

Before their match, Miz and Morrison attacked The Viking Raiders on their way to the ring
The Viking Raiders def. Miz and Morrison
Match 4
Buddy Murphy vs. Heath Slater

Buddy Murphy def. Heath Slater
Mid-Card Promo
After his quick victory, Buddy grabbed a microphone and demanded Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn get down here and face him like a man. Zayn did come down, but didn’t get in the ring. Buddy said the only way Zayn could beat him is by cheating, as evident by last weeks match. Murphy then said he knows it’s because Zayn sees him as a threat to that IC title. Zayn stayed quiet, until Murphy told him to put the title on the line next week. Zayn told Murphy that that wasn’t how things work around here, and if he decides to give Murphy a title shot, it’ll be when he sees fit.
Main Event
Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe vs. Shelton Benjamin

Samoa Joe def. Shelton Benjamin/Bobby Lashley
Corey Graves: “It looks like we’ve got the Universal Champions next challenger in the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe!

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