GCSN Wrestling Retrospect | Eddie, Rey, and Dominick

GCSN Wrestling Retrospect | Eddie, Rey, and Dominick

In this installment of GCSN Wrestling Retrospect, we are going back to 2005. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield was the WWE Champion after a terrific trilogy with Eddie Guerrero. Rey Mysterio formed a tag team with Rob Van Dam, and the two ended up becoming WWE Tag Team Champions. The title reign did not last long, as RVD would be injured on a January episode of SmackDown!, leading to the team dropping the titles to the Basham Brothers.

Mysterio wouldn’t be without a partner for long. He and long-time friend Eddie Guerrero teamed up and won the titles back from the Basham’s at the No Way Out PPV. With WrestleMania 21 happening in a little more than a month, many fans wondered who Eddie and Rey would defend their tag titles against. However, Eddie and Rey decided to have a one-on-one match against each other, in an effort to “bring the house down” as Eddie put it.


At that match, Mysterio would beat his tag team partner. Eddie was visibly upset by the loss, but he didn’t stop that from congratulating his partner and friend. Over the next few weeks, we would see Rey and Eddie suffer from miscommunication, causing them to lose matches.

This all culminated on an episode of SmackDown! where Eddie and Rey defended their titles against the newly formed (and epic) team of Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, MNM. Melina distracted Eddie, leaving Rey to eat the pin by himself. Eddie and Rey shoved each other before Rey left to the back.

During their rematch the next week, Eddie refused to tag Rey to get into the match and stood there while MNM hit Rey with a Snapshot and pinned him, retaining their tag titles. MNM also beat up Rey after the match while Eddie just stared and didn’t help. A week later, Rey and Chavo Guerrero were booked in a Street Fight.

MNM would run in and, along with Chavo, would beat down Rey. Eddie would run into the ring and get rid of Mercury and Nitro, then helped Rey get to his feet. Eddie then attacked Rey on the outside, before hitting Rey with an insane looking suplex on the top of the steel steps, officially turning heel in the process.


The low-riders were gone. The fun-loving, fan-favorite was gone, and we now saw a darker side to Eddie Guerrero. Eddie and Rey had a match at Judgment Day where Eddie lost by disqualification after he hit Rey with a steel chair.

After that match, Rey and Eddie wrestled once more with Rey beating Eddie yet again. On June 30th, 2005, we heard the first rumblings about Eddie and Rey’s ‘secret’. With Eddie being upset that Rey continued to beat him, he came to the ring and played a ‘home video’ of him talking with Rey’s son, Dominick at his daycare. Eddie told Dominick that he had a bed-time story for him that he “will never forget.” Rey came to the ring with Eddie threatening to “tell Dominick the truth” regarding Eddie and Rey’s secret. Eddie didn’t let the secret out…yet.

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Everyone begged Eddie not to tell the secret, including Eddie’s real-life wife Vickie Guerrero, who made her first WWE appearance during this storyline. After Vickie pleaded with him, Eddie made a match between him and Rey at Great American Bash, where, if Rey beat Eddie, he would keep the secret to himself, but if Eddie won, he would “finish his little bed-time story to Dominick.”

Rey won the match and came to the ring on the next episode of SmackDown! to address the fans with Dominick. Eddie interrupted Rey, and came to the stage, telling Rey that even though he lost at Great American Bash, Eddie “always wins.” Eddie then revealed to Dominick that Rey was not his father, and Eddie was his father. Over the next couple of weeks, we would see a series of segments called “Eddie’s Bedtime Stories.”

Eddie revealed that he had a child out of wedlock while he and Vickie were going through a rough time. While that was going on, Eddie revealed Rey was having a hard time starting a family of his own, so Eddie allowed Rey to adopt Dominick.

Eddie taunted Rey, and even gave him custody papers, telling Rey to sign over custody of Dominick to Eddie. Before Rey could turn over Dominick, he challenged Eddie to a ladder match at SummerSlam, where the winner would get custody of Dominick, to which Eddie accepted.

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At SummerSlam 2005 in Washington D.C, a briefcase with legal documents inside was hung above the ring. The match that Eddie and Rey had was actually pretty good despite a few botches here and there. After Eddie hit Rey with an Alley Oop onto a ladder, Eddie climbed the ladder to grab the briefcase. Dominick then ran in the ring and attempted to push the ladder over but Eddie climbed down and got in Dominick’s face. From behind, Rey attacked Eddie and hit him with a 619 and a Droppin’ A Dime.


One of the more well-known botches was when Rey was pinned under the ladder with Eddie climbing up it. Eddie hung on to the briefcase while Rey attempted to push the ladder from underneath it. Eventually, Rey moved the ladder and pulled Eddie down, sending him crashing to the floor. Eddie could clearly be heard yelling “WHERE THE F*** WAS VICKIE!”, which insinuates she was supposed to be the one to push the ladder.

Eddie hit Rey with a Three Amigos onto the ladder and began climbing the ladder. Vickie would then run down to the ring and pushed Eddie off of the ladder. Rey got up and climbed the ladder, while Vickie held Eddie, preventing him from intercepting Rey. Rey won the match and custody of Dominick. Rey and Eddie had one final match on an episode of SmackDown!, where Eddie beat Rey in a steel cage match.


This storyline will go down as one of the most ridiculous storylines ever, but if you were between the ages of 8-13 during it, you were invested in every single second. Eddie and Rey were real-life best friends, and this storyline worked (somewhat) because of the love these two had for each other. We now see Dominick getting involved in angles with his father Rey in 2019, but there is still a small section of the wrestling community that calls him Dominick Guerrero.

This was one of the last feuds Eddie would have, as just three months later he would be found dead in his hotel room in Minneapolis, MN at the young age of 38. Eddie is considered one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring. He had the in-ring skills, the promo skills, and the family lineage. Eddie was a huge part of my childhood and looking back at this storyline, it was pretty ridiculous. But my 11-year-old self loved every match.

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