GCSN NFL Game of the Week

GCSN NFL Game of the Week

It’s the beginning of the season. You find yourself looking at week 8 and notice Kansas City is playing Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers vs Patrick Mahomes. What a beautiful possibility that could emerge from this. Unfortunately, due to the injury Mahomes took on his knee, this game is suddenly much less enticing.

Enter the Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers. At first glace, the obvious choice is San Francisco. Their defense is clearly one of the best in the NFL. They have all the right tools to stop Christian McCaffery, who is by all means the clear MVP for the Panthers. McCaffery, who is currently averaging 103 Rushing Yards and 50 Receiving Yards per game, can’t be the solution. Not with the 49ers defense having only allowed 1 Rushing TD. This victory rests on the shoulders of Kyle Allen.

If you put Kyle Allen and Jimmy Garoppolo’s numbers side by side, oddly enough, Kyle Allen is currently more efficient statistically. Currently throwing 225 Yards per game, with an average of 1.75 TD’s and 0 INTs, his 106.6 QB Rating is not bad for a second year pro. However his defense needs to improve today if they want a shot. With the intensity of the 49ers Defense being a factor as well, I wouldn’t be shocked the see Kyle Allen throw his first career INT.

The Panthers defense has, in short, been relatively average. Allowing right around 22 points per game, the big thing that sticks out for me is they have allowed 418 plays already this season. That is almost 70 snaps a game – if they want to beat the 49ers, efficiency will be key. Luckily, for them, Garoppolo has put up some questionable numbers thus far.

Averaging 219 Yards and 1.16 TD’s/game, Garopollo has also thrown 6 picks in 6 games this season. Though his 90.8 QB Rating doesn’t scream greatness, he is just a hair below 70% completion percentage. I have a feeling Tre Boston or Eric Reid will take full advantage of their opportunity today and add another INT to their stats. However, I don’t think the play of the former Patriots QB will be a big enough factor to decide the game.

This game comes down between the Carolina Panthers allowing Kyle Allen time to be efficient, and the 49ers Defenses ability to throw him off his game. Based off the play this season, I am predicting a back and forth game for 4 quarters. With the Panthers pulling out a last minute win with a field goal, for a final score of 24-21. Kyle Allen will also have his first 300 Yard game of the season, but also throw two INT.

What do you think? Do the 49ers finally lose? Or do you think their defense will be enough to stop the stellar play of Kyle Allen thus far? Let’s discuss!

Photo Credit – Kyle Hernandez/GCSN

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